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After tracking 80 moms – who kept daily sleep diaries and wore devices that measured nighttime sleep – researchers found no difference in total sleep time or sleep quality between moms who exclusively breastfed, exclusively formula fed, or breastfed and formula fed.

That’s not exactly good news, unless you’re into schadenfreude. Instead of calling the study “Infant Feeding Methods and Maternal Sleep and Daytime Functioning,” they could have gone with “Moms, you’re going to get no sleep no matter what. Suck it up!”

I certainly heard that a bottle of formula before bed would help my babies sleep longer, but I was hell-bent on exclusively breastfeeding my daughters until 6 months. I managed to do it thanks to 4-month maternity leaves and a workplace that’s supportive of pumping.

I was heavy influenced by a study I read (and now can’t find) showing that breastfeeding and formula-feeding moms spend equal amounts of time feeding. The difference? The breastfeeding moms spent feeding time cuddled with their babies, while the formula-feeding moms spent good chunks of this time washing and preparing bottles. I hate washing and preparing bottles.

UPDATE: I just got a copy of the study, and the researchers suggest that breastfeeding moms wake up more frequently, but fall back to sleep more easily because they don’t have to get up and make bottles. Or, even better, they sleep during feedings.

In fact, it appears that the key to getting more sleep as a new mom is breastfeeding and co-sleeping – which many of you pointed out in the comments. Though personally, I never slept well with my baby in bed with me because I was so freaked out about SIDS.

I was out of my mind with sleep deprivation during the newborn period. I wish I had started pumping sooner so my husband could have taken a nighttime feeding, but in my fog of exhaustion it seemed too complicated to take the pump out of the closet, put all those little parts together, and plug it in.

J was a champion nurser but I didn’t co-sleep (waterbed). She was in a bassinet right next to my bed though so as soon as she started moving I was up and we hit the couch to nurse/sleep. I don’t remember it being hell but I was super lazy for my 12 weeks of maternity leave – I napped with her everyday in the afternoon. And I had a set routine about how much stimulation occurred during the overnight hours.

Also, I’m 29 and still don’t ‘sleep through the night’ whatever that means. I wake up to roll over, adjust covers, wonder about the crazy dream I just had, move a pet, Check on a child, put her back in her bed, etc. Storms still wake me up. But I have no problem falling back to sleep and don’t always remember waking up (sometimes hubby tells me he talked to me and I have no recollection). 🙂

I don’t have any other children to compare but Sisters kids ending up being bottle fed and if she didn’t have bottles mixed and ready for when they woke up it was a nightmare. By the time she heard them they were starving and screaming. But as soon as they ate they calmed down and went right back to sleep. I think it just depends on the baby, the food, the environment – so many factors are involved.