Do it!!! – review of big blue diving, koh tao, thailand – tripadvisor 3 gases


Before going to Birma I had to stay on Koh Tao electricity ground explained for almost a week to join the friends I was going to travel on with. I do like sun and beach, but not for long. After 2,3 days, my energy level just drops dead. I’m more of a cold weather person. Altitude, mountains, silence, wide views, snow, climbing, glacier walking gas variables pogil answers extension questions, often in winter and summer holidays is just more my thing. So to make my stay at Koh Tao a bit active and worthwhile, I decided to do the open water diving course. I was confident to succeed, but I didn’t know I was going to like it that much ! I experienced the same joy as while mountaineering : nice views, silence, steady slow movements and breathing, clearing my head and just gas up the jet enjoying nature. I can recommend it to everybody. I can’t compare big blue with any other diving company, but they were well organized, friendly and particularly reliable, which to me is most important. When I feel I can trust the material and the expertise and responsibility of the instructor 1 unit electricity cost in gujarat I know I’ll manage just fine. And Curtis, our instructor, really gas 99 cents managed to give the group that trust and confidence. There ‘s only one remark on the diving course and that’s the homework we had to do, filling in the chapters of the book : that’s just crap ! Being a teacher electricity for kids I now know how students manage to fill in papers by reading a book diagonally and not know anything about what they have read afterwards. If you want to give homework, make it meaningful and otherwise just let the instructor explain everything. That was far more interesting and captivating than the book and video ! Anyway, it was a really great experience and the following holidays I will have to deal with de dilemma of choosing between electric utility companies in florida cold or hot, height or depth….

I was kinda lucky when I came to Koh Tao because most people were going to Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party. So Tao was a little calmer gas key staking and a good place to relax. The decision to make my diving licenses was kinda spontaneous and based on the idea that that way i would save the money for a room since big blue offers free (basic) dorm rooms with their gas kansas city courses or any day you dive with them. That said the room was clean and nothing to complain about. I stayed at the place a little up the beach where the pool is. The people i met at the gas variables pogil answers dorm where nice and we hung out when we were not diving so thats cool. The instructor of our 3 person group, Ben gas news the Belgian 😉 and not to forget Naboo (?) his intern, was competent and friendly and really went out of their ways to make every dive as enjoyable as possible. Really all the guys from Big Blue where electricity kwh friendly and I didn’t have any complains since i really feel like i got what i expected for the money. Only thing that keeps me from giving max. points is that the price for the DVD (50€) is a bit harsh, though i still got it since it really is a unique experience and the quality of the films are indisputable. Still, 50€ guys? That electricity questions and answers physics said i really enjoyed the time and, overall, diving with Big Blue in Koh Tao is awesome and well worth a solid 4 points.