Do not make these mistakes when you are dieting hyperactivz gas news


• Decreasing pure water intake – replacing water with energy drinks because the diet has you feeling weak, or drinking flavored water because of taste, causes more harm to your kidneys and your body. While these drinks do contain water content, it places more pressure on the body to break it down.

• Reducing exercise regime – you may feel that your goal is losing weight and you can afford to skip exercising because the diet already works. However, exercise is important for cardiovascular health and functioning of the internal organs and toning of muscles and tissues. It also has positive psychological effects to the brain as it reduces stress and tension.

• Skipping meals – any skipped meal, especially breakfast, is unhealthy. While you may notice your weight decreasing, studies have shown that it is from a reduction in muscle and not fat. Lowering caloric intake through this method can also cause dangerous belly fatlater on.

• Consuming meal substitutes – meal replacement shakes and bars can cause drastic weight loss but when this is discontinued, the body blows up to 3 times heavier than it was before you started using substitutes. It also deprives the body of nutrients from natural foods since these are processed, usually containing a high amount of protein. An excess amount of protein in the body would be stored as fat.

• Sleeping less – the recommended daily sleep for adults are between 6 to 8 hours. Rest is important for increasing the metabolic rate and by decreasing the hours of sleep, the metabolism would slow down and may cause negative hormonal changes to occur, thus harming the weight loss efforts.

• Always choosing Salad – while eating salad is healthy, a healthy diet also includes proteins, fats and carbohydrates which help to curb hunger. Salad condiments such as blue cheese and candied nuts have high-caloric contents which may be on par with a cheese burger if eaten often.

• Alienating friends –dieting can cause you to stop hanging out with friends so that you can control your food intake. However, this has negative psychological effects since you can become isolated which may extend toward depression. Having a support system is important for encouragement.

• Eliminating snacks – going cold turkey on snacks can cause you to binge eat when the opportunity arises. Including a treat every now and then can help make the diet viable by allowing some comfort rather than sticking strictly to a regime.

• Following a diet meant for someone else – everybody’s body reacts differently to specific foods. Using a diet meant for another person may not guarantee the same results. Diet plans should be personalised to factor in lifestyle, needs and schedule.

• Weighing everyday – on starting a diet, the most amount of weight is lost within the first week and maybe one to two pounds a week thereafter. Daily weighing can cause depression when you notice the numbers are not going down fast enough, impacting negatively on the motivation to stick with the diet.

• Not enjoying the meal – with diets, you plan your meal ahead and you may stick to eating at certain times. It is important to sit and enjoy the meal rather than eating hurriedly so that the food can be chewed properly which helps in digestion.

• Increasing salt – due to the blandness of the food, you may be tempted to add salt for flavor. Salt causes an increase in water retention which hampers weight loss. It is beneficial to check items for sodium content before including it into your diet. High salt and sodium content can cause hypertension.