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Dear Customer, Thank you for taking the time to review our service. We apologize if for some reason our service did not satisfy you. Our rental electricity vancouver wa contract and our general disclaimer enlarge for your convenience, clearly states NO REFUND for early return. It also doesn’t help that a lot of renters book southern Belize, only to realize they would much rather be on the island of Caye Caulker relaxing. Or that some renters over budget and find faults in hopes of getting an unjustified refund. In YOUR CASE, it was not our fault that you picked up the rental 2 days late and we tried helping by substituting the charges for the drop off fee from placencia(why? because we care about quadcopter gas engine our customers). When booking online there are drop off charges that has to be selected for Placencia. However, I do advise if for some reason renters would prefer something nicer, we ALWAYS have other choices readily available at both locations. It’s only a matter of paying for the upgrade. If you are a particular person, then I recommend one of the newer model rental- 2014- 2015 that we also carry. Again thank you for taking the time to review AQ BELIZE! We hope you have a wonderful day.

I really wanted to like AQ. I really did. They were nice people. The problem is they rented me a pretty big piece of junk. I don’t mind getting a junky vehicle. I don’t like paying a lot of money and getting a junky vehicle. I rented a 4-WD suburban and paid some pretty serious cash. I got a 2002 with 275,000 miles on it. Apparently, very hard miles. The dash lights didn’t work so I couldn’t see the instrument panel when driving at night. It hesitated quite a bit when I’d try to accelerate. It was really bad when cold. The radiator had a leak and I kept having to put water in it. The A/C stopped working so I took it in. (3 hours out of my day) It worked for a couple of hours and stopped again. I know the rental car space jokes gas prices in Belize is universally pricey and the vehicles you get are not what you’d get in the USA. I get it. But you gas in babies that breastfeed still need to give people value for the money they spend. I didn’t feel it with AQ. Part way through my vacation I rented from another company and had a better experience. Sorry AQ. I wanted to like you!

I first booked a rental in August 2017 for the last two weeks of 2016. I filled in all the required forms on their website. I received a confirmation of the transaction. September 29th I receive an email from they saying I have not paid and have not filled out the proper paperwork – but I had proof that I did. I had proof that the transaction was processed to our AMEX card on August 23rd. It took a few email to straighten it out. The week before travel we received a confirmation of our booking all was well. Upon arrival they had our car ready for us. It was in severe need of a front alignment and gave my husband sore shoulders during the three + hour drive down to Placencia. We had no issues with the car at all (other than the alighment issue). Returning the car was trouble free. They are located just across the parking lot from the AA check in counter, so my husband was able to drop off me and the gas 10 8 schlauchadapter luggage, drive right into the parking lot and return the car, then make the 3 minute walk to check in. Now… here’s the BUT… We had not used our AMEX in the US, or anywhere else in several months. We used it to pay for q gas station cleveland ohio the car only for the accident protection it provided us (you don’t have to buy extra insurance if you pay with AMEX). The card was paid off mid August and has not had a balance until yesterday. It seem that yesterday and today two fraudulent charges of over $300 each to were made to the credit card! Now, I have no proof – only compelling circumstantial evidence. We didn’t even take the credit card used to Belize with us – it stayed home since the payment was made months earlier and the transaction was paid off. We used a Citi card for the $1,000 US deposit we had to leave for the car. BTW… they gas examples matter never mentioned that we’d have to tie up A GRAND on a car that was already paid for.

Booked AQ because it was a few hundred dollars cheaper than the big name rental agencies for an SUV for a week. The booking process was fine, a few hiccups with filling out various forms, but it was ok. Requested a vehicle to fit 8. Arrived and got a Ford Expedition, which was expected. However it had 200k+ miles on it. Messages kept popping up saying low air pressure. Filled up the tires twice. One night when we were about to go into town in Placencia, the tire was flat. My parents brought it over to the Placencia AQ car rental, and they said they electricity production in north korea could replace it for free this time (isn’t this expected??). 20 minutes after they replaced it the car broke down and wouldn’t start. A total hassle led to a hard sell at getting 2 more beat up cars from them (because we needed to fit 8). Both had 180k+ miles on them..One of them smelled like urine. The other had a cycle of alarming alerts (check engine, check tire pressure, check brakes…pretty much check anything that can go wrong with a car) Wasted a night of my vacation dealing with them, and what do they offer me for the inconvenience? 5% off my next rental. Will not be renting with AQ again and I highly recommend you stay away!