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Exhibit A. Ugly pants in the photo above. Where is this woman’s waist? What’s that bulge above the waistband? Chances are, the woman has a great figure. But these pants create the illusion that she has no waistline. In fact, to me her waist looks bigger around than her hips.

Maybe they think women don’t want to look like women. That’s happened before. In the 1920s, flappers bound their breasts and aimed to look as boyish as possible. In part, these women were rejecting the extremely fussy and uncomfortable fashions of the previous generation. But there was probably a political aspect too. They were rejecting traditional ideas about femininity.

Somehow, I doubt that’s the case now. When I see young hotties in low rise pants, they are often baring their midriffs (try that in a business meeting). They aren’t hiding their breasts, and some of them spend as much time on their hair as any Gibson Girl did.

And yes, even fabulously attractive movie stars have fat around the hips. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have hourglass figures. Once you drop pants below the natural waistline, you’ve got an engineering problem. To prevent the pants from falling down, they need to fit snugly around the hips. The squishy bits get forced upward and you end up with a bigger-looking waist.

Gwen, you make me laugh! Having worn both low rise pants, and natural waisted pants, I have to say I don’t particularly like either. I despise low waisted pants for the comfort reasons you mention (“are my underwear showing?” “Is my shirt too short to cover everything up?” “Am I sporting a muffin top?”).

But then again, I hate the pante that are so high that they are restrictive. Women come in so many different shapes and sizes, and clothing only comes in 2,4,6,8,10,12… That can in no way take into account the drastically different combinations of hip size, waist size, and torso length. So more often than not, if it fits in my hips, the waistbans cinches too much, creating a bulge both above and below. Yuck.

My best bet has been with the “mid rise” pants, which hit me just below my bellybutton. They are high enough of my hips to prevent the whole “pants falling down” sensation, yet not so high that they feel funky around my middle. My favorite store for jeans and work pants in New York and Company. They have lots of low rise stuff, but some mid-rise, and occasionally a natural waist syle. But hey, it works for me. Wear whatever works for you.

For recommendations on where to shop that have natural waisted pants, I’ve found that most department stores (like Macy’s) haven’t totally bought into the low waisted trend, as long as you stay out of the Junior section! Also, semi high end stores like Talbots, Cristopher and Banks, Ann Taylor Loft have good sales if you keep your eyes open. I used to think of these places as “grandma” stores, but if you are picky and put your own outfits together, you can find quality pieces there.

I disagree. I am a mommy, shaped like a pear and a size 12. So not tiny or young by any stretch of the imagination. But I prefer pants that hit just below my natural waistline. Why? Because it’s more flattering for my tummy pooch. Unless I wear all my shirts untucked, pants that hit at my natural waistline make the bottom half of my stomach look about 3 miles long (see picture 3 in your Exhibit 2) and very puffy. I avoid muffintop (or upsquish) by wearing pants that sit just below my waist, and tailored or ribbed shirts that accentuate my waist but are long enough to cover the top of my pants so you can’t see my Spanx (which are a woman’s true best friend).

And I must say, I think you’re being a little bit hard on the woman in the top picture. You ask where the woman’s waist is, but the picture seems to be cropped at or below her natural waist. And saying she has a “bulge” above the waistline is a little bit of an exaggeration, isn’t it? It’s comments like that that give women an unhealthy idea of what beauty looks like.

OK I can agree with you about the muffin tops but that only happens when girls get tighter pants to show off how big thier butt is (because having a big butt now days is a BOYS attraction) and having the pants tighter to show it off makes the waist line tighter so they get the muffin top. Now i dont like the regular pants u talk about with the higher waist line because i aint no skinny minnie so to speak ,I’m thick…heavy …whatever you want to call it so those high top pants you speak of lol are not comfortable at all for me and there is no flexability when i bend and makes me feel like i have a corset on and cannot breath. Now the low rise pants ….(in the right size)are perfect because they fit comfortably on my hips and since they are the right size i can bend and everything and my crack and my underwear dont show. But i agree if you wear the low rise to tighty it is very uncomfortable and show things you wouldnt want to show and for different body shapes and sizes i love the way the high rise pants look but unfortunatly i dont have the right body. thank you for this post thoughyour not wrong and the points you make are very true!

That said, I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE high-waisted trousers. They make your pelvic length seem endless and disproportionate (can anyone say “mom jeans”?). Take a close look at the Katie Holmes picture in Exhibit A *yuck*. Your butt will look longer and droopy. Besides, if you should ever have the occassional bout of belly puffiness, be assured that these lovely waist cinchers will accentuate your pouch (and become a nuisance to your bulging tummy).

Since the rather recent birth of my DD, I have had to make a few adjustments to my wardrobe. This has proved to be an emotionally tolling task. I now fondly and proudly bear post-baby “wreckage”; carefully concealed, of course 🙂 Although I was able to recover my pre-baby figure, my midriff bearing days are over 🙁

For the sake of sharing information, I’d like comment on what I hope someone will find useful. During the summer of 2005 my sister recommended a website called Zafu (yes, like the meditation puff). Zafu was subtitled “Your Perfect Jean Finder” and it claimed to give you your PERFECT JEAN MATCH.

After answering a series of multiple choice q’s (like figure type, hip shape, butt silhouette, personal jeans budget, bodily worries and preferrences…). Did I get my perfect jeans??? Boy, did I ever! I was so happy with their recommendations, and finally was able to steer towards jeans that addressed the issues I was concerned about (i.e. very small waist, ample hips, gaping waist in most trousers, “husky” thighs, prominent butt).