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I totally remember that Oprah story too, and am so paranoid of seat belts across necks because of it. It’s not reasonable to say get a hotel room or stop whenever your child is asleep in the car. My daughter always falls asleep within 5 minutes of driving anywhere. Sleeping pillows are a good option (that go around the neck). As a kid we always slept in the back of the car too, but I never liked it and never felt safe. I would always startle awake when we were driving around a sharp curve or something and imagine that we were flying off the edge of the road. I still don’t like to sleep in cars. We drive to Minnesota every summer from Colorado (a 2+ days of driving road trip each way) and have had many moments of night driving. The most important thing, in my opinion, is to keep the belts in safe positions (if that means to be propped up or whatever with pillows) and on, and to absolutely stop at any time of day, or night, when the driver becomes drowsy. And that means immediately. We have a van and have it decked out for road trips for sleeping in, so it’s pretty convenient. We like to stop at random playgrounds and state parks for some activity between driving stretches to get the blood pumping.

Well for one thing, if I checked into a hotel every time my kid fell asleep in the car I’d never get to the grocery store. Or visit my dad in NY for that matter, since my son sleeps the entire 3 hour ride there. Whenever I strap him into his booster seat I make sure the seatbelt is locked by pulling it all the way out first and then letting it tighten. This at least keeps him sitting upright when he falls asleep. Although his head does flop around quite a bit. I find myself reaching in the back seat and giving his noggin a push so it flops back against the back of the booster seat so he at least doesn’t wake up with a stiff neck. He does have one of those travel buddy pillow things that looks like a long curved animal to put around his neck and rest his head on when we go on long trips.

It is really tempting to just let him lay flat on the seat, since that’s what we did when we were kids. I used to lay across the back seat and my little brother would curl up on the floor and put his head on the hump in the middle. It’s crazy how much was considered “ok” back then. Heck, I remember riding in the front seat with no seatbelt at 5 years old! But I’m just not willing to take that risk with my kid now.

We drive through the night with our kids (our last trip was a 15 hour drive to Disney World with children aged 8, 4, 3 and 4 months) when we travel because with 4 children, one being severely ADHD, if we had to drive while they were awake, we’d need to be committed to a psych ward once we arrived. We don’t have the time off of work to break a trip into two days of driving each way, so we drive through the night. Pillows helped to make the kids comfortable when their heads would slump over to the side, and we equipped each (except for the baby, of course) with a pillow and blanket and strapped them in. It helped that we let them fall asleep at home first (we left right at midnight) and then carried them to the car and strapped them in when they were half-asleep…this enabled them to fall right back to sleep in the same position we left them in. We attempted a day trip home from Disney during this trip and by the time we got home we realized that night travel is definitely the way to go because the return trip took 4 hours longer because someone always wanted/needed to stop for something, whereas we made it 7 hours in to the trip on the way there with the kids sleeping comfortably in the back.

I guess I’m not surprised that I am one of the few “yeas” on this list of parents. We have always done things differently than the parents around us do. Had a homebirth in a big ole warm comfy tub of water in the kitchen and kept her cord/placenta attached to her little self for the 5 days it took to pop off all on its own. No infection, no cutting, all that wonderful blood in the cord reaching our precious babe no questions asked. Nursed two kiddos at the same time, hell nursed ’em till they were both 3 years old! Always supported their need for mom and dad in the night with open arms and an open spot in our bed. Talked to them with the respect and awareness that such very special very aware intelligent beings that they are deserve. Always with a MORE THAN me respect, and certainly never LESS THAN ourselves. Forgo vaccinations (and all the side effects big pharm doesn’t take responsibility for) in the name of REAL health. Prepared them real food to eat, the kind that grows up from the ground and doesn’t require poison to thrive. Skipped the failing institution formally known as public school and opted for learning with loved ones and a big community of other children and parents. Heck, looks like we’ve been taking the road less traveled all the way along.

When we watch our children next to others, ours are very well coordinated, faster, brighter, more responsive, and more respectful to all other Earthlings that they come into contact with. Compliments pour in from other adults that observe my children out in the world. If I had a dollar for every time an adult was compelled to compliment me on the fact that they see my kids eating a salad at a restaurant, I could treat all of you reading this to lunch!

The mainstreamers could find fault in all the things that have led to the creation and vibrant health of these amazing little beings, so I couldn’t be surprised if they scoffed at the out of seat belt back seat beds. I guess one thought that crosses my mind is if Big Brother would hold me responsible and prosecute me if an unexpected vehicular accident did happen and my children were not buckled in at the time.

Much to my dismay my 4 1/2 year old daughter has outgrown the 5 point harness – not because of weight or overall height BUT because of her seated to shoulder height. She has a very long torso and the straps or the 5 point harness fall below her shoulders. We went to Buy Buy baby in hopes of finding one that eventually converted to just a high back booster but sadly her shoulders were equal with the tallest setting of the 5 point harness so we bought the Britax parkway sgl. We are about to embark on a family vacation which requires a long drive. We will not be driving over night and will stop at a hotel. But it’s still possible during the day she could fall asleep. I bought a neck pillow for her in hopes it would keep her upright – anything else to assist. I don’t like how far forward she can fall in the booster. I do like the positioner in the Britax Parkway as the seatbelt hits her in the right spot when sitting up. Im nervous about this drive and her not in a 5 point but my options are limited. We buy car seats thinking we can use them for a long time because of their Generous max weight requirements and overall height. But what’s not always taken into consideration is the seated to shoulder height 🙁