Dodge ram(factory duals) direct fit muffler 2009-2018 dodge14m dodge18m direct fit muffler 2009-2018 gaz 67 dakar

Evidently this is a knock-off of the authentic Mufflex model, but it is still an original Magnaflow muffler, the attached pipes may be cheaper aftermarket material. They even use the same item number, not a very reputable way to do business. Install was pretty straight forward, some time was taken trying to align the tailpipes and as others have noted, they do stick out about one inch more from the bumper than with the stock muffler, but still looks fine. The hanger works fine but the supplied clamps are not too robust, I had one bolt snap. I would suggest getting one 3 inch and 2 2.5 inch clamps as a back up. Only time will tell if it rusts out, but for now it is great. It makes the truck sound like a hemi should sound with very little to no drone. Overall the 14 inch muffler is well worth the money providing you use the coupons offered on the website.

If I lined up the pins from the pipes on the truck to the ones on the welded piped on the new muffler, the right side tail pipe did not line up correctly so I needed to modify it a little to line them up correctly. Also, the larger clamp did not seal correctly and broke, so had to salvage the one from the old muffler.

First just let me say that the shipping was phenomenal. I order my muffler on a Thursday morning and received the next day via UPS by noon. I could not expect any better especially since it was free shipping. It only took me about an hour to remove my old muffler and install my new one. The fit was perfect and had no issues at all with the install. The sound is great as well. Louder than stock but not obnoxious at all. I can hear it in the cab when I accelerate but it quieting down once I get to cruising speed. This is also the same when I start my truck up. Has a nice rumble/roar on ignition and then quieting down when idle. Overall couldn’t be happier.

No written Instructions provided so for some this swap could prove to be a difficult.The 3 Inch clamp provided was too big, after snapping off bolt replaced with an 8.8 strength and added a shim strap to get an acceptable amount of clamping effect (Recommend also Copper Sealant). The required extra clamp for the hanger was appreciated as well as the orientation and stop cut on the front pipe for the OEM welded dimple, However the dimples in the rear pipes when placed up against the dual Inlets tell you they are in deep enough however before clamping check tailpipe tip position as you may have to grind off the nipple stop to get the tailpipe forward enough. Mine was out by a half inch but replaced my tips at same time so made my adjustments so remember this before clamping when re-using the OEM tips. So overall I was Pleased, It took me about an hour and a half in the driveway with mentioned snags and only 1 person. Sound of the 24 is not much louder than stock but at WOT is perfect. Clean Install an=nd you get to keep your stock piece undamaged (Alberta). (MopaRamMan)

Getting the old muffler off was a real bitch and it took a few hours by myself. The muffler clamps have a weld underneath directly opposite of the nut side. When I finally figured that out, I just cut them off. Definitely use some sort of penetrating oil well before you start to help wiggle the old one out.

very pleased with the transaction shipping was very fast ordered on saturday and received on tuesday the fit and finish is ok the muffler had two big dents in it that is disappointing and the alignment notches for the tailpipes needed to be massaged and after several trails got a descent fit with one tail pipe hangs a little low but not easy to see and still have a couple small leaks that i am hoping will seal them selves but overall not a bad product and has a very mellow sound