Does the electric company really need my social security number la t gastrobar opiniones


Yesterday our electric bill arrived in the mail, and the energy use figures were ridiculous. I was just about to call the electric company to ask what was going on… when I noticed something on the bill that I hadn’t seen there before… the word “ESTIMATED.” So my first question to the company representative was why was our bill marked “ESTIMATED”… and I was told that the meter reader was unable to actually read our meter this month. Because of what they called “adverse weather conditions,” the electric company had decided to compensate by estimating how much energy they thought we had used during the past month. For some unknown reason they decided to bill us for more energy than we had used either last month or the same month last year. The electric company representative told me not to worry that we had been overcharged… and that when the meter reader comes and actually reads the meter next month, all of the figures will be sorted out.

But it was something else that happened during this call that disturbed me. When I first told the representative that I had a question about my bill, she told me that before she could talk to me, I needed to give her my Social Security number and my date of birth. british gas jokes Well… we don’t give out our Social Security numbers or private information unless it is absolutely necessary, so I said I didn’t feel comfortable giving out that information. The representative then said that if I preferred, she could positively identify me with my date of birth and driver’s license number. I said I didn’t want to give that information either and asked why that kind of security was necessary when all I wanted was some general information about the bill. Her answer was that it was a new federal regulation and that because of terrorism and identity theft concerns, the government now requires that all electric company representatives positively verify the customer’s identity at the beginning of each support call. She said that the electric company can’t require that customers give them a Social Security number, but they can (and do) require that customers give them two out of the three possibilities of Social Security number, date of birth, or driver’s license number.

I continued to refuse to give any one of those three pieces of information, and the representative said she was breaking the rule to talk to me at all, even though my question had been very general and did not involve any specific information about our account. electricity in costa rica for travelers Before I hung up, I asked the representative how my Social Security number, date of birth, or driver’s license number would help them to identify me because I knew I had never given them any of this information in the first place (and that they had never asked for it before). She admitted that it actually would serve no purpose at the moment, because the new regulation had just gone into effect, but that even as we were speaking the federal government was updating the electric company’s databases, and after the update was complete they WOULD have access to the identity information, even if I still refuse to give it to them.

So that means that the federal government… without our consent… is sharing our personal identity information with electric companies around the United States. And if they’re doing that with electric companies, they are probably doing the same with telephone companies, gas companies, and other utilities as well. We are constantly being warned to keep up our guard against identity theft… to be very careful about giving out our personal information… and to never give out our Social Security number unless it is absolutely necessary.

We just went through the same scenario with trying to rent a home in a remote part of MT, and another outside of Sandpoint, ID… cabin on a 1-year lease, cash paid in full at signing of lease. Both property management companies insisted on our SSNs, and wanted to run credit, criminal, and full background checks on us. gas bloating pregnancy We refused to provide our SSNs because they did not have a valid reason to have that information. We stood on our principles, and walked away from the homes, but not until we made sure that both companies knew why.

Even the SSA website states that private companies do not need to know or use your SSNs, and that you should have them cite the law that requires them to know, what purpose it would serve, and to give alternative ID. It is even illegal for states to use your SSN as your drivers license numbers and you should go and ask for a new drivers license if it does. It is within your right to have a new one at no additional cost. However, if the private companies insist on the SSN, then you have the right to walk away and not do business with them.

To the comment of C? Did the electric company offer to set up an account with a higher deposit, without the SSN? That is the only option that they can provide. They CANNOT, by law, deny you service based on the refusal of providing your SSN. k electric company duplicate bill That is creating a monopolized exclusionary system, because they are usually the only game in town. So, my suggestion, if they didn’t say you could set up an account with a deposit, or a larger than normal deposit, then you should find yourself a lawyer and take them to task over it.

While you guys are speaking on social security numbers I just applied over the phone for prepaid electricity. They have advertised all over their website they do not do credit checks. However, they asked for my birthdate. wikipedia electricity consumption I found that strange. I recently read where the credit bureaus are allowing companies with just your name and your birthdate to perform “Matches”. The credit bureaus will release your social to them. They technically don’t need your social. All they need again is your name, address and birthdate and a match is pulled up.

But here’s the kicker. I lied to the guy about my birthdate. I told him I was born in 1980. My call dropped and I had to call back in. When I called back in he repeated what I had said and mentioned “I see you were born in xx-xx-1978! That is my REAL BIRTHDATE! I asked him where did he get that information from. He said “Oh I just guessed”. natural gas in spanish What on earth?

The credit bureaus make all sorts of money now from allowing companies to do things like this. It is misrepresenting to the public that they don’t do credit checks when they can still verify someone’s identity. The credit bureaus now also let companies do credit inquiries that don’t even show up as an inquiry! They use to only let the IRS do that but now they are opening that up to all companies.

This is important because I’m trying to live under the grid and its impossible to do that when someone runs your credit and notifies the credit bureaus of where you live. That is how the credit bureaus keep updating their information on us such as addresses and phone numbers. When we file applications whether they be employment or credit, the credit bureaus ask for this information and automatically updates it in their system.