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Been checking out a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB with the acrylic platter that I picked up from Best Buy a week ago. I have minor power supply hum, and a prevalent 120Hz buzz mostly in the left channel as soon as the needle enters the moving groove. However, I’ve discovered that at least on my table, the motor is not responsible for the buzz. Try unplugging the power supply and then pull the platter and remove the belt. Spin the platter up with your finger and lower the needle. 120Hz buzz on the lead in groove with the motor completely removed from the equation! I think the buzz is actually a resonance in the tone arm/cartridge combo. I don’t think it is platter bearing rumble, because the buzz is just too consistent.

Could someone please confirm by removing their belt, spinning up the platter manually, and lowering the needle? If the buzz is still there like it is on mine, we can stop blaming the motor. Yes, the motor does add some noise, which you can easily hear when the needle is sitting in a stationary groove and the motor running, but the 120Hz buzz seems to be a different beast altogether.

This is one of the longest threads ever, so why stop now, here I go again. I am now a 3 time Project losser. My history in order. I first purchased a Debut Carbon DC that had both problems, 1. electrical noise 2. mechanical induced hum from the motor. I took this back within the week. Second purchase was a Essential II (still using this) The Essential II is actually quieter than the Debut. Yes it still has a motor vibration but its not as annoying as the hum from the Debut. I have added the acrylic platter, a white silicone belt, changed the power supply to CLASS 2 transformer and added a Goldring 2200 cartridge, the Essential II sounds better than it should. My most resent purchased was a used 1Xpression Carbon Classic DC. You think I would have learned my lesson. I went into this purchase eyes wide open. This table is $1197 CDNnew at my local dealer and this one came with a 2M Blue up grade. I thought that with all I had learned with my other Pro-Ject tables I had the idea that, "I can fix this." So far I am half right, here is what I have done. I tried this table with the stock cables and as others have found out, they suck. I replaced them with, of all things OMEGA PLATINUM VIDEO INTERCONNECTS. These are double shielded cables and completely eliminate any noise from any stray EMI and RFI. I had to make a new ground wire which I crimped and than soldered the connection. I also switched out the power supply with the same one I am using the the Essential, which happens to be from a Cannon printer. So as for electrical hum, hiss/buzz it is perfect, couldn’t be happier. Now for the ugly, mechanical hum induced by vibrating motor. I have tried everything, rubber gaskets, felt spacer, silicone rubber, sticky tack. Nothing works. This Table, the 1Xpression Carbon Classic DC could be an outstanding turntable. It has a good cart(2M Silver), it has a great arm that is fully adjustable and it looks amazing. I am very disappointed with Pro-Ject for not seriously addressing the mechanical vibration caused by the motor on the Debut I fully expected it with the Essential . I am going to trade in both tables for something else, and it wont be a Pro-Ject, a shame since it could/should have been a great turntable.