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I just experienced the same thing with them – I waited FOREVER for my quarterly report – within that quarter, I had 2 booksignings, and I know that hundreds have been sold for those, as well as it selling out in stores across the states – and libraries are carrying it—-and what did they tell me I sold? 3!!! 3 books!! Not only do I feel cheated with the money end of it – but more importantly, they are stealing my success from me and hindering my ability to obtain a traditional publisher. I left a message for them as well as a blasting email – and while I wait for them to respond, I have to contact the bookstores and try to get order numbers from them…unbelievable that I trusted a company like this—I’m furious at them because this is not their book, it’s mine. I paid for it to be professionally edited prior to going into their hands, I designed the cover, I did all the work – and I even designed it so that I make the least amount…and this is what they do. I’ll repost when this gets straightened out, because part of me is still holding out a thread of hope that they’ve just made some grave error and will rectify it.

I’m the sadauthor from the top of the page. I promoted my book & got it into stores, including Wal-Mart. I eventually gave up fighting with dog ear just because it wasn’t healthy & it was draining me to the point where I couldn’t focus on anything else. I figured that since I make so little on the book in the first place, the only thing that mattered was that people were reading it. I’ve since loaded my book and 9 others onliy kindle and have done very well. However, I just received notification that dogear has been selling my book on nook and sony for years without my consent or knowledge for three times the price I charge on kindle. So I had to take my book off of the kdp select, and I’ve yet to hear back from dogear. I’m tired of being ripped off by these people. Writing is the easy part. And you think the hardest part is promoting it, but it’s not. It’s dealing with slimy people like them. And I already know by the other complaints on the internet, that even when you pull YOUR book from them that YOU have the rights to; they continue to sell it. Funny when you first google dogear, you get dog ear infections…kinda what it’s like dealing with them. Except they’re like the flesh eating disease that just keeps going…

It is important to all novice authors that these scams be posted and posted again. This sounds just like another Author Solutions scam and it would not surprise me if Dogear is a new addition to the stable. Author House, Xlibris, I.Universe, Partridge, Balboa, Hay House and a few others are all part of the same scam on unsuspecting first time authors… Stay well away if you don’t want to be burned. Investigate Createspace and Kindle Direct Publishing. If necessary find someone who will help you to get your book up there, but DO NOT pay anyone a dime until you see the results of their "help". In other words, if you choose to get help publishing your book on Createspace or KDP, work with that service until your book is open on the net to your satisfaction and only then pay their fee. If you follow the prompts correctly you should be able to do it without help… When you are asked for money up front for a job over which you have no control, take your manuscript and RUN… These scamsters understand the psychology of novice authors (the dream of being published and being a famous author) and they stroke that ego to their fullest advantage and will gleefully take your money and leave you with nothing but shattered dreams. They are ruthless and unscrupulous. BE WARE… BE VERY AWARE.

Dog Ear Publishing does not perform as they advertise. I ghost wrote a book for my brother which we published through Dog Ear. Weeks after it was out, copies purchased and shipped to my brother, and the listing on Amazon, it was still showing as out of stock on Amazon. it is now approaching two months with the same situation. When I complained, the condescending message began: "A big part of our business involves educating our clients on the complexities of publishing and helping them confront challenges if ones arise. Your emails, this one and your previous, provide a good opportunity to direct your discontent where it belongs –Amazon. No buck-passing here; …" followed by a lot of buck passing. I trust, Amazon’s business acumen far more and can absolutely advise authors to stay away from Dog Ear.

By the way, in the same email was the proverbial legal scare tactic: "All this said, I hope any reviews are directed appropriately and avoid libelous/defamatory speak." As you can see by this review comment, their veiled threat doesn’t scare me.