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The Doha Tower, located on the Corniche road in the centre of Doha City, is a landmark addition to the prominent features of Doha city where it occupies interface and is overlooking the waters of the Gulf. The development is situated only a few metres away from the Ministries and Government Departments and 15 minutes from Doha International Airport.

The Tower has been designed by innovative French Architect Jean Nouvel. The design is unique and it is the first design of a Tower with reinforced concrete dia-grid columns in a cross (X) shape covered at the external facade by geometric complexity of the oriental moucharabiah and butterflies in the shape of Bee’s heaves acting as a sun screen. electricity invented The inner layer is aluminum curtain walling with slightly reflective glass that protect from the suns rays. There is a walkway between the sunscreen and the curtain walling that allow for maintenance to wash and clean the curtain wall.

In addition to, it’s distinguished location and shape, the Tower has been finished with quality material and equipment that is in compliance with the highest International Standards. gas 85 octane The Tower is equipped with the latest fire fighting systems that match the criteria adopted in the State (NFPA) governing the design of such systems and the latest security systems, surveillance cameras and access control system programmed to control entry of individuals into the court yards and each floor of the Tower. In addition is the availability of a passenger control system that distributes the passengers among the lifts with a sophisticated system for the movement of the elevators.

– All levels contain two exit doors, water outlet, hydraulic Lift and walkway between the sun screen and the curtain walling to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of the curtain walling. In addition the walkways could be open to access from the outside of the Tower, to the upper and lower levels for cleaning purposes and in the event of emergency situations.

• Three Basement floors for the car parking that accommodate 870 cars for the Offices only. 76 gas station locations The car parking area is equipped with fire alarm with automatic sprinkler system that functions in the case of fire. Each Basement floor includes two escape routes that are fire and smoke resistant in addition to huge fans that extract the smoke from the fire affected floors and air pressurizes the upper and lower levels to prevent smoke transfer to unaffected areas to ensure safe evacuation of occupants from the building.

The estimation of the number of the lifts and the speed of the same has been achieved following specialized study that adopted the highest International Standards and modern techniques. The control of the lifts movement is based on a modern technique that control and guide the user (Destination Control System). electricity problem in up On the basis of this modern Destination Control System the Tower was provided with 23 elevators for multiple uses as shown below:

The Service Building consists of two floors. The ground floor has been a located for the electrical Sub-Station which contains the high tension switchgear (11 KV), 10 No power transformers (1250 KW each), and low tension switch-gear which feeding all the systems and utilities in the Tower. The first floor has been allocated for the chiller equipment for the air conditioning and all the auxiliary equipment that feed it.

The Tower has been provided / equipped with the latest high tech communication system and fiber optic cables for telephone and high speed internet services, with specialized security systems to control the entry of individuals and their movement at each entrance and egress to the floors. The Tower has been equipped also with an advanced closed circuit television monitoring system (CCTV) which will allow the security personnel to follow the movement of the visitors and staff within the Tower.

The Tower is also equipped with a very advanced access control system controlling all the entrance and egress to the tower through gates and barriers as well as controlling vehicle access to the basement floors. The barriers are linked with direct communication / contact with the security personnel in emergency conditions. electricity balloon experiment Each of these systems have been linked to a comprehensive and effective Building Management System (BMS) which could detect any failure / or malfunctions that may occur on any of the aforementioned systems through screens showing all details and information needed to assist the operation and maintenance team of the Tower.

The Tower has been equipped with its own central cooling system using chilled water from nine chillers which ensure moderate temperature around the clock. gas law questions and answers This has been done through two Air Handling Units (AHUs) on each floor handling the cold air and achieving a low level of noise resulting from the operation of machinery systems by using sound attenuators on the air supply and return attached to these two units. The fresh air supply is provided to floors by main fresh air handling units available at the mechanical rooms that provide the building with fresh air supply after being treated and cooled.

The Tower is served by an automatic sprinklers system that is sensitive to flames and functions during the event of fire. Each floor includes two escape routes that are fire and smoke resistant. The Tower has been equipped with huge fans that extract the smoke from the fire affected areas and pressurizes air to the upper and lower levels to prevent smoke transfer to unaffected areas to ensure safe evacuation of the occupants from the building while the smoke is discharged to outside the building.