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What a wonderful gift to give a child to let them know how special they really are. Isn’t it time there was a doll out there like this? Too many toy manufacturers have decided this type of doll was far too expensive to produce for the profit they would make. This is true as this doll is not your typical vinyl doll. Each of the play therapy dolls with prosthetic legs have been specially fitted with both an above knee and below knee prosthesis and have been carefully designed to look as real and natural as possible without jeopardizing the safety or play factor.

The dolls with prostheses all have an above the knee and below the knee amputation. The dolls without hair will include a wig and a hat to wear if they choose. All of the play therapy dolls will include crutches in their box as well as a teddy bear. The faces were delicately hand-painted and given cute little dimples in their cheeks. Because the cost to produce these dolls was high, they are limited in number. This will make them highly collectible ~ some have only 172 in their edition. We believe the expense put into the doll is well worth it if it can help one child feel accepted!

Doctors have the major role in improving the physical well-being of the child. Family and Psychological support and play therapy are also extremely important to help the child build their sense of self worth. They may long to see other children who look like they do but this is not always possible. These dolls are offered as a supplement to help them in their journey.

I would like to thank all the people who have helped us in the process. The design of the prosthetics was molded by a children’s orthotics and prosthetics specialist (on the other side of the country) who did not even know who I was when he offered to help. Thank you Jon Batzdorff, CPO. The beautiful box design was graciously given by a wonderful Christian man and business owner. Thank you Mark Schraer! The inside of the box design was made by my mother and me on the floor of our sewing room. Thanks Mom! The patience and hard work in a country half a world away was organized by a very special and talented doll maker. Thank you Penny!! And lastly, I cannot forget my father who has listened to all my ideas and really understood why this doll was important. Without the help of all of these people, none of this would have ever been possible.

*Note – These limited edition dolls are very specialized and difficult to produce and therefore more complex than other 18" dolls on the market. They can stand with crutches and most of the time they can even stand without crutches. By helping them learn to balance, you can teach them how to stand on their own. Don’t forget to teach them how to put their legs on tight. There are instructions on the " Sew Able® Dolls™" webpage and also in the cool box they will come in.

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