Dollar general store reviews what to know consumeraffairs electricity and magnetism physics


I asked for the corporate customer service number… She annoyed me and said that she will take types of electricity tariff the next customer, so I left the store. I tried to figure out why the cashier was so rude to me. When I first parked in the store’s parking lot, being handicap/With handicap card all of the handicap lots was full, so I parked at the first accessible van handicap space that adjoined to the handicap parking lane. There was multiple of young ladies seating in a car with no visible handicap card in their rearview mirror. They was in the parking lot lane beside the adjoining van accessible space that I parked in… Said that where I parked was not a handicap lane and I would need to move. I replied that it was part of the handicap space that wasn’t being used and thank you. One of them shouted something about a fire marshall, while I proceeded to go into Dollar General store, after the bad unexplained situation inside the store.

I arrived electricity vs magnetism venn diagram back at my car. The young ladies begin to laugh and shouted that they liked my dress, along with a sarcasm note they left saying madam, (but they spelled it mam and they misspelled appropriate too… By leaving out one of the p’s that is not the handicap parking lane… That was not appropriate signed fire marshall bill. I believed they forced or peer pressured the cashier to refuse service to me, by texting or cell phoning her. Corporate needs to do a store investigation or the employees will shut their business down to the ground.

So I go around the store and put several items in my cart. When I go to check out, the persons puts my can of “Fix a Flat” in the same bag as one of my 2 liter bottles of soda. I was totaled appalled by this and I took the can of “Fix a Flat” out of the gas in babies at night bag and asked for a separate bag for my automotive item. I also had to put it in the bag myself, which really ** me off. As I was leaving the store I had a feeling that I was not given the sale price for the trash bags I bought. When I got home, sure enough I was charged the full price, not the sale price, even though the sale price was posted on your shelf. By this time my blood was about to boil and I called your store and told them a head full.

I do not intend to go back to your store, in my town, ever, because of the described above problems and other things like, all of the prices on your food youtube gas pedal are way too high and the prices on most of your 2 liter soda is outrageous. We have a Save a Lot in our town, that I go to all the time, and let me tell you they “beat Dollar General‘s ass” on prices every day, on both grocery electricity 101 video and dry goods. In closing, I really have to ask, is the manager at your store in my town just as much a lazy worthless slug as the employees there, because it looks like nobody there could care less.

Apparently, a previous customer had told the girl at the checkout counter that she saw someone putting items in a Dollar General bag. NO ONE in the store actually saw what happened. Anyway, the police were called, and because my son was on that side of the store was accused of stealing! He had an open shopping basket with his two items that he had some in for in plain view and even offered to be searched. I asked why they didn’t look at the security camera footage, and was not given an answer.

After all this public humiliation, the store employee told the policeman to ban him and two other ladies from the store for good! I have requested that gas city indiana car show the video footage is saved to be reviewed, but have learned that I shouldn’t be surprised if that never happens. I have talked with a district manager and customer service at the corporate office, and received a very blasé attitude from both. Apparently, this is an ongoing problem with Dollar General. Rest assured, I will never shop there again. Cheaper prices are not worth being wrongly accused and publicly humiliated!