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Camille scuffed her feet as she walked home from school alone with her thoughts and secret hopes. Secret hopes that she felt she couldn’t tell anyone, partly because they already knew. q card gas station Last year she and Katelynne had been invited to the fairy fall festival in Yorktown Virginia. She had soo wanted to go but they hadn’t gotten to. This year, she had hoped even more. m gasbuddy She so badly wanted to see a real fairy and she knew she would if she could go to the fall festival.

That had happened months ago. She had forgotten about the teardrop leaves until now. Maybe they only worked as a portal at certain times. gas in texas Maybe the mushrooms they’d seen in the fairy forest had been the clue that these would only work during the fall festival. Maybe they could still go! When is the fall festival? she wondered, I bet the poem says it and I’m just not remembering!

She raced the rest of the way home, threw her backpack down and reached for the envelope still filled with the festival leaves and the special poem. She spread the leaves out, one by one. gas dryer vs electric dryer operating cost They had lost a bit of their color, and some had browned a bit, but they were still so special and beautiful. Camille got the same thrills taking them out as when they decorated for Christmas!

“But these aren’t just any seeds!” Katelynne continued, cutting out the chatter, “Our backyard was special, but it was never magical. Now, with these seeds, it can not only be special, but magical. k gas oroville Doubly magical! These seeds are from two different fairy forests! Our York forest, and the fairy forest we never even got to explore behind Grandma Lewis’s house!”

Behind the scenes: Yep! Just like the dolls, everytime I go and visit their fairy forest in VA I always see something new and I saw all that! And my 5 evergreen trees surrounding my house really did get a disease that’s carried by birds (why all the trees got it) and had to be cut down. I hope the money tree seeds will grow! I’ll let you know! You gotta check out the link of Pete Seeger’s Garden Song if you don’t know it already. It’s soo funny! And it really will have you singing that in your head the rest of the day!

or maybe not so much at home because living in a new country and going to school was so hard for Kirsten. She had just arrived from Sweden and didn’t speak English. electricity invented in homes Her cousins Anna and Lisbeth told her tales of the teacher punching students and hitting them with a ruler or even a cane, or having to sit in front of the class wearing a dunce cap for the whole day!

Then when Miss Winston announced that every student was going to have to recite a poem from memory she had to fight back tears. Wishing she could vanish from the school. She couldn’t even read her poem! How could she possibly memorize it? And even if she could memorize it, she was sure to forget it once she stood up in front of the stove to recite it!

Her family received much needed extra money the next year too. Their cabin had burned down because Kirsten had tried to take care of an injured baby raccoon. gas stoichiometry lab She had let it in the house, where it knocked over a kerosene lamp, lighting the cabin on fire. Somehow, Kirsten was able to save their heirloom trunk with all their precious things in it, but the rest of the cabin burned down. Her father had hoped to buy land, but now they would need the money to build another cabin.