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Our Privacy Notice describes the ways we collect your personal information and governs how we will deal with it. 1 electricity unit is equal to how many kwh We aim to ensure that any personal information we obtain and use will always be held, used and transmitted in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (or its successor) and the EU General Data Protection Regulations (together referred to as the ‘Data Protection Laws’)

The RTC Group Data Protection Representative has overall responsibility for ensuring that this notice is applicable, compliant and in accordance with the RTC Group Data Protection Policy. 76 gas credit card login The Ganymede Compliance Manager acting as the Ganymede Data Projection Representative (DPR) is responsible for ensuring that the contents of the Notice are implemented on behalf of the company.

Ganymede may also obtain information about you directly from third parties, such as third-party job boards, social media sites and CV websites and online qualification and competency systems such as Sentinel.Ganymede will use this information to update our database records. z gas cd juarez telefono If we have found your details on a social media website or if you have been referred to us, your data will only be retained during the process of establishing your consent for us to contact you.If you do not grant permission, your details will be removed from our systems.

Ganymede may also obtain information about you directly from third parties, such as social media sites, referrals, your own company website.If we have found your details via a third party, and we do not require them for contractual purposes they will only be retained during the process of establishing your permission for us to contact you.

Ganymede may collect and store your personal information in order to process your job applications, respond to your enquiries, get in touch with you about other possible job opportunities and generally maintain the information you hold with us, together with improving our website. gas x strips directions You will be given the opportunity to restrict this use at any time.

The principal purposes for which we collect and store your personal information are to meet contractual obligations. z gas ensenada telefono In order to provide our services in an effective and efficient manner we need to ensure that we have the correct communication channels.This is managed through keeping a record of contact positions, email addresses, telephone numbers and business addresses.

Ganymede is part of the RTC Group Plc family of companies.We will share your information with the RTC Group in order to meet our contractual and legal obligations, including those required for insurance and payroll.We may also provide your details to another of the RTC Group companies if we feel it is in your best interest with respect to job seeking.

Ganymede collates statistics about site traffic, sales and other commercial information.This information is collected through third parties to assist us in improving the services we provide to you.We also use demographic information to tailor the website to the interests of our work seekers and clients, which we share with third parties, again on an aggregate basis only so that they can build up a better picture of our customer base and general consumer trends.

In the event that Ganymede is sold, or some of its assets transferred to a third party, your personal information, as a valuable asset of the company, may also be transferred. hp gas kushaiguda phone number However, use of your personal information will remain subject to this Privacy Notice. tgas advisors company profile Similarly, your personal information may be passed on to a successor in interest in the event of a liquidation or administration of Ganymede.