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Domo Genesis: That’s funny ’cause to Mike & Keys, the dudes who had a hand in every single song on there, it was a thing they always used to say and I thought it was funny. They pointed out the fact that reality is a facade now. Everybody’s all glitched in the matrix, so reality looks like everyone’s faking it now. Say, for example, somebody came through talking about how great their weed was, but they’d be like, “Bruh…it’s a facade.” It stemmed from that and everything I was doing and getting away from the reality of the music, and it all just came together at the right time.

Funny enough, I met them through Casey Veggies a long time ago. I was randomly on Fairfax on some 2014 swag and Casey told me he knew some dudes who were in the studio that I should roll through and work with. They played a hard-ass beat as soon as I got there and we banged out a song that day. I say that just to say that the chemistry was amazing off the bat. gas stations in texas I’ve never jumped into the studio with producers and we were cutting records in 10 minutes. I knew I wanted to work with them again after they had a beat on my album Genesis ’cause I love their sound and wanted to challenge myself to push my sound a bit after hearing what they did with Nipsey [Hussle] and Buddy.

We kept working, and there would be certain records where they would tell me that I’m trying too hard and that it felt like a facade. Whether it’s in a song or a video, just be yourself. That was where the melting pot of the record started and where it became extremely fun. electricity quiz and answers I started letting the business aspect of it come into play more than enjoying making music, and Mike would always preach to me about having the music as the product and building the inspiration around that because if you believe in it, it’s gonna work out. They’ve been such a help on helping me trust myself and what I’m doing. You can feel the relationship I have with them in the music. It felt effortless to me.

It’s a weird question because there’s a lot of factors to it. I can’t even explain it, really. gas bubbles in colon Social media is a monster, low-key. There’s people out here getting new depression symptoms that never existed before. I’m reading this shit and realizing that this shit is not fake, bro. It’s like you said, people realize they can get a small bit of attention for things and they just ran with that.

I’ve always been a really goofy person, so my personality bleeds over into the world of social media pretty easily. I’d say the only thing that really affected me is putting me in a box of comparison between the speed I’m moving versus how other people are moving. People need to work on their dependency because when you’re on [social media], it makes you feel like you’re not doing anything, so people feel the need to fake what they’re doing.

I don’t wanna paint the whole thing as a bad year because it’s been a beautiful year, too. It’s a lot of unexpected big bumps I hit. My grandfather was in the hospital for a bit due to some complications, and he was one of the people who showed me how to be a man out here. gas giants He got better and I used that as momentum to get back in the studio. I was in a great vibe, and then, unfortunately, I got the news about Mac [Miller]. I honestly didn’t know how I was gonna bounce off that news, but I had enough good people in my corner who had me thinking in the right way. As unfortunate as it is, I just try to use it as inspiration because it’s what he would’ve wanted. electricity bill cost per month Especially where that facade concept is concerned, he was fully tapped out of the simulation. The stories people have of him are exactly the same. It doesn’t matter if it was John Mayer or some dude who hung with him one time, they all caught how genuine he was. Everything you heard and saw about him, none of that was fake. electricity generation by source by state I’ve been trying to turn that into good energy and so far, it’s working.

I’m the kind of person who feels that there’s always something to prove to myself. I’m not competing with outside forces. If I can keep getting better than the last one, no one can tell me anything. There have been times where some of my friends will ask if I should be on somebody else’s wave and I tell them that everyone’s path is different and it’s about choosing the right one. I trust that every step I’ve taken—good or bad—has been a success because everything happens for a reason, bro. I love what I do and my trajectory and want to keep proving to me that I’m doing the right thing.

I’m just focused on turning the energy I have into something sustainable. I do that by being around good energy, so I’ll be working with Mike & Keys still; I go over there every day. gas 76 station I have a lot of shit lined up that I wanna do. I love music and it’ll always be a part of me, but I don’t wanna just rap forever. I have some little things rolling out soon that I wanna turn into business opportunities. I wanna act, I wanna get into some kind of scoring situation, but right now I really wanna rap. I also wanna show the world artists that I’m in love with at some point and eventually use my music as a platform for other people I love that people don’t know about just yet. I’m just in love with this vibe, so I wanna go marry it and honeymoon for the rest of my life.