Don hume jit slide belt holster electricity symbols ks3

Over the last 10 years, the Don Hume JIT slide has been their top selling holster model. The JIT (which stands for Just In Time) Slide is designed to carry medium sized to small revolvers and autos in a highly concealed manner. This holster has an open bottom so it can fit handguns from the same family regardless of the barrel length. For example, the model for the Glock 19 also fits the Glock 26.

One of the reasons for its popularity is the belt slot design. Instead of having belt slots in the front and rear of the holster, the JIT Slide has a belt slot directly behind the holster and then a second trailing belt slot on the back of the holster. The combination of the center belt loop and trailing belt slot pulls the weapon close to the body, while still allowing for a full firing grip. The design makes for a stable carrying platform that takes up much less space on the belt as compared to similar pancake style designs.

How to tell if they holster model you are interested in is in stock: On the dropdown menu out beside each holster, there will be a notification if the holster is in stock or out of stock. In stock holsters will be marked as "In Stock" and out of stock holsters will be marked as "Preorder: 30 to 90 day ETA".

The answer to that question depends on the specific handgun that is being carried. Obviously, the longer the pistol dimensions, the more will stick out the bottom of the holster. As a basic reference, a Glock 26 will stick out the bottom of the holster about half an inch, while a larger Glock 19 model sticks out the bottom about an inch and a half. A Colt Government 1911 5" will stick out the bottom about 3 inches.

Even though the JIT doesn’t have any external retention devices (thumb break, retention screw, etc.), the design does an excellent job of retaining the holster. The retention is centered on the friction created when the handgun is fully seated in the holster. To be honest, this model is one of Don Hume’s top sellers in terms of popularity due to the design and price point.

To be honest, it really depends on the handgun model. Most of the pistols with CT laser grips will fit in this holster, but occasionally there are a few models that won’t. We’d really have to get more info on the handgun model and then we might be able to tell from experience.

After too much buying to try holsters, the JIT is perfect. This simple yet stylish OWB holster holds my Micro 9 tight to the body providing minimal printing. The price point is a welcome relief from some of the other manufacturers’ designs and applications. The JIT would also be a good partner fo a larger (say Commander size) pistol, but make sure your belt will accommodate the extra weight of a larger handgun.

The pistol will seem loose in the holster when you try it out before putting it on your belt. The tension of tightening your belt will provide plenty of tension to retain the weapon as you wear it. I am left handed and find that wearing the holster at a 10 o’clock position with an untucked shirt suits me well.

With the small Sig P238 the gun rides higher than any other holster I’ve tried. Gun sits straight up and into your waist curve . The barrel ends just slightly below the belt and does not stick out. I can wear it with short jackets or sweaters without anyone seeing it, and if they do they only see a little leather which could be anything. Extremely discreet