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On twitter and during the audience questions, there were those who simply misread the motion, forgetting the word ‘all’. us electricity supply voltage Some mistook fun for other concepts, like attention, being engrossed, gripped or immersed in a task. I have read literally thousands of books in my life and rarely chortled while reading them. Athletes learn intensely in their sports and barely register a titter. c gastritis im antrum Learning requires attention, focus and effort, not a good giggle. Only those who think that ‘Happy sheets’ are a true indicator of learning adhere to the nonsense that learning should be all fun. Others made non sequiturs, claiming that those who disagree that all learning should be fun, think that all learning should be dull and boring. Just because I don’t think that all clothes should be pink, doesn’t mean I believe they should all be black! It’s not that motivation, some fun and the affective side of learning don’t matter, just that it is pointless motivating people to embark on learning experiences if they don’t actually learn. This is not a false dichotomy, between fun and learning, it is the recognition that there are optimal learning strategies.

Every module has an AI generated audio introduction (text to speech), that explains what you have to do and to relax about getting things wrong, as it is OK to make mistakes while learning. gas meter car Staff then read the standards and, rather than click on multiple-choice questions, have to bring to mind and type in the behavioural standards. This ‘effortful’ learning was inspired by recent research in learning that shows recall, with open input, is superior for retention to simply recognising answers from a list.

The six modules were literally created in a day, as the AI created the content, by identifying the relevant learning points and automatically creating the learning experiences. electricity outage sacramento This superfast production process meant that quality assurance could be done on the real modules, without the need for design documents and scripts. There was no need for multiple iterations by SMEs, as the original document contained all the necessary knowledge. The look and feel, logo, images, palette numbers for screen features were quickly agreed. eon gas card top up Everything from brief to final delivery was done through Skype. Not a single face-to-face meeting was necessary.

I work in AI in learning, have an AI learning company, invest in AI EdTech companies, am on the board of two other AI learning companies, speak on the subject all over the world, write constantly on the subject . You’d expect me to be a big fan of data analytics and recommendation engines – I’m not. 76 gas station hours Not yet. I’d never say never but so much of this seems like playing around with the problem, rather than facing up to solving the problem. That’s not to say you should ignore its uses – just don’t get sucked into data analytics projects in learning that promise lots but deliver little. Far better to focus on the use of data in adaptive learning or small scale teaching and learning projects where relatively small amounts of data can be put to good use.

AI is many things and a far better use of AI in learning, is, in my opinion, to improve teaching through engagement, support, personalised, adaptive learning, better feedback, student support, active learning, content creation ( WildFire) and assessment. All of these are available right now. They address the REAL problem – teaching and learning.