Donald trump’s supporters have certain personality traits

Our standard chart can be seen at the Knozen homepage. Gas out game instructions We show users how they rank on twelve personality traits compared with the rest of the population.

A movement’s fans will tend to reflect their leader, and in this case, that comes through very clearly in the data. Gas density A movement’s fans will tend to reflect their leader, and in this case, that comes through very clearly in the data.

Compared with non-supporters, a Trump supporter is much more outgoing, much more organized, and very, very aggressive. Types of electricity The difference was so stark, that we joked “the aggression broke our chart!” You can certainly see the movement’s preference for “let’s make America great again,” as opposed to “go along to get along” diplomacy, reflected in the personalities of its members.

We also found that Trump supporters were slightly less confident than non-Trump supporters. Electricity merit badge pamphlet pdf A common refrain has Trump supporters feeling under pressure, and put upon, by the changes taking place in the country and in the economy.

Trump supporters were much less patient, shy, and “ random” than non-supporters. Electricity jeopardy These are not the meek and the timid in their community. Electricity static electricity Nor are they urbane sophisticates with a zany sense of humor or the surreal.

Trump supporters are much more likely to answer yes to just about any question having to do with being sociable. Gas density units One of the strongest findings in our research was just how much the typical Trump supporter relies on, and draws strength from, the ties of their community.

They are more likely to keep in touch with old friends, consider themselves a “people person,” or start a conversation with good-looking stranger.

In fact, they’ll be sociable with just about anybody. Electricity explained They’re much more likely to like meeting new people, pick up a hitchhiker, or talk to a random person while waiting in line.

Trump supporters are “average Joes,” and they experience routine setbacks at a much higher rate than non-supporters do. Electricity png They are more likely to have run out of gas in the middle of nowhere or have sold something they owned to pay a debt.

Given their experiences, and their preference for socializing, they’ve learned to live off their own capabilities, relying far less on the opinions of others. Static electricity sound effect Thus, they are less likely to choose book smarts over street smarts or spend the entire day on the internet.

Many of the obsessions that dominate the Internet seem to pass the Trump supporter by, and they engage in few of the fads, memes, or obsessions of hipster culture. Hp gas kushaiguda Trump supporters are less likely to sing in the shower, watch Netflix for a week straight, or be fans of comic-book movies. Gas natural They’re less likely to have a food or drink that they can’t live without, and they are less likely to read the book instead of seeing the film.

They are not quirky introverts. Gas what i smoke Trump supporters are much less likely to be afraid of being alone, tell really bad puns, or have one special thing about themselves that other people find weird.

On the other hand, they clearly have stronger ties to a traditional American past. La gas prices They are much more likely to be religious or have milked a cow.

That sense of comfort with their place also makes them uncomfortable with behaviors that they see as artificially drawing attention to oneself or acting out. Gas in back They are much less likely to cheat on a board game, have someone that they envy, or think it’s okay for guys to wear skirts.

Trump supporters are much less likely to speak more than one language. Dynamic electricity examples In fact, this question was the single largest difference between Trump supporters and non-supporters, with non-supporters being three times more likely to speak more than one language. Gas 78 industries (Although it’s a statistical tie with the “guys wearing skirts” question.)

Trump supporters were also less likely to want to marry someone from another country and move there. I feel electricity in my body As a matter of fact, they’re 50 percent more likely to be fine with where they are right now.

Trump supporters are twice as likely to have cheated on someone and twice as likely to have had two dates in one night. Gas after eating dairy It was remarkable to find this exception in an otherwise typical picture of middle-American traditionalism. Electricity pictures information It’s also a remarkable reflection of the leader of the movement’s own experiences with past spouses.

The energy and excitement that supporters, detractors, and reporters alike find at Trump campaign-event appearances is a natural outgrowth of the rootin’-tootin’ nature of the typical Trump supporter.

And, significantly, for the purposes of putting on these enormous campaign events, they are half as likely as non-supporters to be afraid of large crowds.

So if those are the differences between Trump supporters and non-supporters, what are the similarities? We looked for questions where both Trumps and non-Trumps said yes more than 66 percent of the time, and the difference between their answers was less than 1 percent.

Trump supporters and non-supporters are equally likely to say they’d give up their life’s passion to keep true love. Electricity lesson plans for 5th grade I actually found that heart-warming.

Both sides may shake their heads to find out they’re equally likely to say they don’t believe the hype. Gas bloating pregnancy But that’s okay, because both sides say they’re equally likely to forgive and forget.

Supporters and non-supporters are equally likely to have something they’d like to change about themselves, and to think of themselves as sentimental. C gastronomie limonest Sadly, they’re equally likely to have been stood up before.