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Hi! I’m Donnie Toivola and this is my story about how I went on a juice fast and was able to get my life back. I’ve tried numerous diets, pills, and exercise routines in the past and through juicing I’ve learned that there is no shortcut to your health. What we eat has such a huge impact on our health and our lifestyle but we often give in to temptations that ultimately affect our lives in a very bad way. Why do we do this to ourselves? It’s so easy to go through the drive through as opposed to planning, cooking, eating, and cleaning up after a healthy home cooked meal. i gas shares But is it worth it? Donnie Toivola and How it all started

Over a year ago I got up to the biggest I’ve ever been. I was in the worst shape of my life and years of abusing my body with junk foods, sodas, alcohol, and convenience foods were starting to take its toll. I was up to 235 pounds before I decided to start watching what I was putting into my body. I was on a number of different medications and was in a lot of pain. Over the next 6 months I was able to drop 20 pounds just by eating healthy and exercising but I hit a plateau and was still having to take all of my medications. To top things off I was also told by my doctor that I was going to need surgery on my back to fix my sciatica. I was very depressed as it seemed all the hard work I did didn’t do much for me. It was then that my friend Adam told me about juicing.

I looked into juicing and was immediately excited about the possibilities. I read from people like Joe Cross, Jason Vale, and Drew Canole. I thought if they could do it, so could I! So I did my research and tried my best to find out as much information as possible about juicing and the benefits of it. Information on Juicing was hard to find and it was discouraging that I couldn’t find a decent plan that included a well-organized shopping list. I eventually made my own and decided it’s time to give this juicing thing a shot. I was a little nervous about going just on juice but I figured I could give anything a shot for a few days. What’s the worst that could happen?

I ordered my juicer from Amazon and was excited to give it a go. I had a doctor’s appointment after work a few days later and my weight was 215 pounds. When I got home I was excited to see that my new juicer was on my door step. I didn’t even get out of the car. Instead I headed straight up to the store to get all my produce so I could start juicing immediately! After gathering up all of my produce and I felt a little funny putting 24 cucumbers and a shopping cart full of fruits and vegetables on the conveyor belt at the checkout line. electricity cost in california I got a few weird looks and the cashier eye-balled me up and down before asking what I planned to do with all these cucumbers. I just told her I was starting a juice fast. Donnie Toivola – My First Juice

After I got home and organized my produce, I opened up my juicer and had a rush of excitement run through me as I made my very first juice. I was surprised at the taste as it was actually good! That night I setup my routine and planned out how the next few days would work. I prepped my produce that night so I wouldn’t have to do any extra work in the morning. Come the next morning I just grabbed my Ziploc bags that each contained a meal and began to juice them. I had a juice that morning and brought two juices to work with me that I kept in air tight thermoses and stored in the refrigerator at work.

See, the place that I worked at during my first juice fast had a fully stocked kitchen and they even catered in very nice lunches for us on a daily basis. As the day progressed I started to feel hungry so I grabbed a juice before lunch so I wouldn’t be tempted to get up and eat something when lunch arrived. up electricity bill payment online Lunch had arrived. It was a freshly seared Ahi Tuna, mashed potatoes, fresh steamed broccoli, and an assortment of fruits and desserts! It was one of my favorite meals that would occasionally get catered in. I was very tempted to give in but I didn’t. Watching everyone around me dig into their food was making me seriously think about my juicing. The smell was really getting to me but I held my ground and didn’t give in to it. I was proud of myself for doing so. Now, I didn’t tell anyone at work that I was doing this in case I failed miserably on the first day. That was blown after a few people asked why I didn’t have a plate of this delicious food in front of me. gas efficient cars 2010 A few people thought it was a really cool idea while some just thought I was crazy. I didn’t let that bother me though.

I drank my next juice a little too early and went 5 hours without being able to make my next juice. This was really a struggle but I learned that I either need to take more juice to work with me or not drink all my juice anytime I get a craving. Day 2 and 3 was a breeze as I didn’t have any symptoms besides a few cravings that I quickly learned to push aside. Day 4 I developed a slight headache that was easily fixed by taking a few ibuprofen throughout the day. I was finally getting into the swing of things and during lunch I found it amusing to just sit and watch people eat and chew while I kicked back and drank my juice. Donnie had a tough day

By days 5 and 6 I had a good routine down and things were going great at work and at home. I’m a single father of two young boys and while I still had to cook and take them out to places it didn’t bother me anymore. I could be in front of food and not even get tempted. I thought I was on top of the world now and things were only going to get better. On top of that I was down to 200 pounds! When day 7 rolled around the design team which consisted of me and two amazing girls were called in for meeting. It was a meeting to tell us we were all being laid off and our department was going to be outsourced from now on. It was a huge shocking blow as I had been there over two years and was proud of the work we did.

What do most people do when they get laid off in groups? They go out to eat and drink. Well, I took the news as best as anyone can. I had a juice and went out with the girls but still stuck to my juice fast. I took the next few days to reflect on what I was doing and how to move forward from this unfortunate event. Donnie Toivola – Results of my Juice Fast

I had a doctor’s visit the next day and it was great. I was able to stop taking all of my medications and my blood pressure was down from the 210/110 range to 112/73. I was excited but I knew things were looking good because I couldn’t remember the last time I felt this amazing. I was down to 195 pounds, my hair was growing like crazy, and people even commented that my skin was shiny. I’m a guy so I never really paid attention to if my skin was shiny or not but I guess it was another symptom of the juice fast. It was not just helping me lose weight but it was taking such a huge positive effect on my overall health that I decided to focus my energy towards so I could help others have the same success that I was having and get information based on my experiences that was not available to me when I started.

During the next week I continued to juice while experimenting with different recipes and ingredients. gasbuddy touch I was able to get down to 190 pounds and was very excited as I hadn’t weight this much since I could remember. Friends and family were amazed at the results I was getting. I was even able to convince my mother to go on a juice fast. She had some of her own really amazing results also! I decided to start incorporating solid fresh fruit and vegetables into my diet. I kept everything raw and over the next week and a half was down to 182 pounds. So I had lost 20 pounds through better eating choices and exercise over the course of 8 months. I then lost another 25 pounds in the two weeks while on the juice fast, and another 8 pounds while still juicing and including solids during the following week. So in a year I lost a total of 53 pounds and 33 of those pounds were from juicing and eating healthy afterwards.

I went from a size 38 to a size 32 in my pants and went from an XXL shirt down to a Large shirt size. I never realized how fun shopping for clothing was until I could actually get normal sized clothing. I was also able to get off my medications! I could chase my boys around the park without getting tired and actually keep up with them! I was feeling the best I had ever felt in my life and it’s all because I changed my habits and let the juice be my medicine.

I still juice today but I also eat normally and am careful about what goes into my body. I’m not a vegetarian as I do consume meat, just not at the frequency that I once did. I typically go on a juice fast once or twice a month and do between 3-7 days not because I have to, but because I want to. Juicing has become a normal part of my life and something that I will continue to do for the foreseeable future.

Good on you Donnie, and thank you so much for juicing for your life, wow, so many wonderful juicing stories for us novices now. gas works park fireworks I have had 2 fairly major illnesses since I turned 60 2 and 1/2 years ago and have been blessed with spending time in a healing environment in Brazil recently which has kicked my proverbial backside into taking charge of my life again! I have to have an operation very soon, and after watching Food Network’s documentary about Joe Cross, I have decided to start juicing…I already had the juicer…I started with the food in my fridge, then read the 3 books I have on juicing, then went and bought a whole load of veggies and fruits and have starting with juicing, and making smoothies, and one meal a day…I am amazed that I feel great so fast. I am really enjoying not cleaning up huge amounts of dishes, or spending time in food prep these days…I am loving it and so is my big body and within a week or so I plan to go to just juice for a wee while…wow what a lovely thing…thanks to you for putting up this fabulous website with all kinds of great ideas and thoughts for all of us beginners…xo Roz

Chantel, there’s no problem mixing fruits and veggies together on the juice fast. It’s best to keep a ration of 80:20, veggies to fruits. As far as that being toxic together, I think that’s a word that gets thrown around way to much lately. Here’s an example… Mushrooms, almonds, cherries, apples, tomatoes, and potatoes are all said to be toxic. That doesn’t stop people from eating french fries with ketchup though. See there are many things that are toxic it just depends on how much of if you have before it becomes a problem. I’ve never seen anyone develop a toxic sickness while on the juice fast.

So don’t be discouraged by what some people say is a toxic combination. q gases componen el aire While I’m sure some combinations go better with others, don’t rule something out because you heard it’s toxic. When in doubt ask your doctor. I’m sure he will say eating any combination of mushrooms, almonds, cherries, apples, tomatoes, and potatoes is perfectly fine for you, even though someone said they were toxic.

Pre-cutting your ingredients is fine as long you use them as soon as you can. If you do lose any nutrition it’s probably a minimal amount. I like to use mason jars to store my juice. Lately I’ve just been using water bottles though. They work just as well. Let me know how things work out for you Chantel. I’m here if you have any questions.

Thank you for the quick response Donnie! And thank you for the very good advice. 7 cases movie Your nutrition plan sounds very doable to me. You know, I was on a similar diet plan around 7 years ago, our family became strictly vegan and focused on an alkaline diet. That lasted about 2 years because it was extremely difficult for us to keep that up as we were constantly tempted to eat other foods at different events and gatherings we attended. We went backwards terribly. We tried to get back on track a few years later but that didn’t last either. I’m trying to find some middle ground for my family and I to meet. I started this change recently for myself and for my family. It’s difficult to get our 19 month toddler, our 8 and 11 year olds on board with this. My husband eats whatever I give him but its more challenging for him to get on the juice fast because of his work schedule but I plan to help him with that once I see that he’s ready for the commitment.

For now I’ve had to compromise and fix some of the meals that they like but I serve them each a small portion according to their size and and tell them to drink water and eat a piece of fruit if they ask for seconds. It won’t be easy, but I hope they eventually join us in eating salads and veggies as well as fruits. Have your boys joined you in your healthy eating also or do you continue to prepare conventional foods for them? Thanks!