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Dota 2 is Valve’s premiere competitive free-to-play MOBA, the follow-up to the game that started the MOBA genre, Defense of the Ancients. Launched in 2013 to provide an alternative to Riot Games’ League of Legends, Dota 2 cranks up the strategy dial, requiring mastery of one’s hero and exemplary communication between all team members in a game that consistently ranks as one of the best MOBAs in the world.

Two opposing teams of five players select from over a hundred heroes, each with their own unique abilities, to fill out their teams. They travel down three lanes, each guarded by a series of defensive towers and patrolled by AI enemies that are friendly to one of the teams and spawn continuously. The space between lanes, the “jungle,” is occupied by neutral enemies that either team can kill to obtain bonuses. gas density The object of the game is to push through the opponents’ defenses all the way to their base, where their Ancient resides, and destroy it.

Heroes come in a wide variety of flavors, with many different talents and roles. They increase in power as their team kills AI enemies and other players, accumulating XP to level up and gold that can be used to purchase items at their base. Making the proper purchases for your role is an essential piece of strategy, to the point that having the correct “build” is a major part of your strategy.

Thanks in part to its visibility on Valve’s Steam platform, Dota 2 also has a very active professional competitive e-sports scene, with local, regional, national, and worldwide tournaments that offer millions of dollars in prizes. A documentary, titled Free to Play, was released in 2014, and it’s an example of how serious Valve is about bringing e- sports into the mainstream, using its games to tell a story and presenting them as a viable viewing option on par with major professional sports. Dota 2 Gameplay Screenshots

Ok so first of all the game is very hard and punishing it has little mercy for player especially for the new ones , the game is set up like the original , 1 arena ,2 teams, 3 lanes, 5 player . The game has no variety in game mods , if you don’t consider the custom game , so you will do the same thing over and over but every hero ( over 100 heroes ) plays differently and whit every hero you can play different styles , the objective of the game is to outsmart or out power the opposite team and destroy there ancient , but the ancient is protected by towers that are on all 3 lanes , you will have to destroy all the tower on 1 lane consecutive so you can even attack the enemy ancient , but at the start you will not have the power to tack on 1 tower , you will die fast , to destroy the tower there are a wave of minions that will take the damage for you but the other team will have minions to , so you will have to kill the enemy minions fast so you don’t lose all your minions , killing a minion grants you gold and exp so your hero can become stronger and gold to buy the items you need to overpower your opponent , but that sounds simple right ? but don’t forget there are enemy heroes that have the same objective as you , and if you defeat an enemy hero you will be granted a significant amount of exp and gold and will stop the other hero from earning any gold or exp for a period, and the hero that falls in battle will be penalized and will lose a good amount of gold , so you will lose a lot if you fail . but you are not alone in this game you are encourage to play as a team you need help to reach your objective and need to help your team , i will not compliment the community much because it is very toxic community , there are good and helpful player but there are not enough player that will do there role and/or be polite , there are new player that leave the game fast because of that , i have seen player that were very bad at the game and it is absolutely ok , they need to learn not get insulted , another good thing is that all heroes are free so you have the possibility to try all of them and there are no advantages for any player , everyone is starting whit which here they want and will have no other stats from the beginning of the game , a new player can go 1v1 agents a veteran player and they equal chances to win , the cash-shop is complicity made out of cosmetics no stat changers and if you are lucky you can ever get skins for free at random at the end of the match .

Ok to sum it up , it is a good game but little variety except the heroes that has very hard gameplay and very punishing , it’s a game hard to learn and hard to master , a significant part of the community is quiet toxic , every player is equal and there an no bonuses to be bought except cosmetic skins that can be obtained if you play long enough. gas station jokes In my opinion it is a good game but it can be improved.

There is a point, that DOTA is more skill-based, and players need to learn a lot of things, to be "godlike" players.. But in reality, it all comes to bunch of OP heroes. There is good sentence about DOTA in the web: "It’s the only game, when you can already lost the game from the beginning, because of team content". Yes, if enemy team have counters for your heroes, they will crush your team in 10 minutes.

Don’t get me wrong, DOTA is a good game… Awesome graphics (and high system requirements, so my friend with MacBooks can’t play it), great heritage of DotA from WC3, has awesome workshop, where you can adapt different maps… gas prices going up in nj But community is really toxic and unforgiving. And, for me, the game was quite boring. la t gastrobar opiniones It’s not fun to play alone. When you play with friends – it’s much more interesting (like any MMOs), but without it- it’s kinda boring.

Yes, you have all heroes available for free… But everyone still plays with the few of them (because if you want to play good – and you want to play good, otherwise you will be most hated person in the team – you stick to the same heroes). You have different modes (like all random, or novice friendly), but they are not popular. And in "all random" – you may stick to some not so good heroes. In this case HoN, LoL and SMITE are more fair – you use only those heroes, that you want (and maybe a little more, from free queue).

P.S. gas jewelry One thing that I don’t like in DOTA2 is instalock abilities. You cast an ability – and forget about it, if will hit your enemy even if he run away from it like a wind. A lot of my friends said, that DOTA 2 gives them "WOW!"-feeling, when they destroy the enemy team.. But in case of "That was my skill" – SMITE is better (because even your attacks are skill-shots :D)