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“If you think about all the associated service and supply companies that support the oil and gas industry, combined with the consumer spending impacts of oil and gas industry payrolls, you begin to get a picture of the enormous impact of the oil and gas industry,” Cross wrote.

And the longer oil prices remain low, the more the oil and gas industry will continue to constrict, which will be detrimental to the economy as a whole.

That decline is hitting particularly hard in some southwest Kansas counties that have long relied on tax revenue from the oil and gas industry to fund public services.

In the farthest corner of the state, Morton County has seen its total valuation drop from $116 million in 2014 to $83 million in 2015. 4 gases in the atmosphere During the same period, oil and gas value dropped from $65 million to $30.7 million.

Significant cuts to county departments and services were made last year. Gas near me app More of the same is highly likely this year when preparing the 2017 budget, according to Morton County Commissioner Teresa Harder.

The situation was dire enough last year that Morton County had to dip into its oil and gas depletion trust fund, a rainy day fund created by the Legislature in 2005 to help oil and gas producing counties offset decreases in property tax revenue when production drops below a certain threshold for two consecutive years.

Last year, Morton County drained its available trust fund dollars, totaling about $2.5 million, mainly to assist Morton County Hospital operations.

A drop in valuation means the value of a mill, which raises $1 for every $1,000 in value, also drops. Electricity 2pm That means a county needs extra mills to pay for the same cost of services.

Even using the depletion fund, the county had to drastically increase its mill levy, from 58.87 to 116.03 mills. Z gas tecate That meant the owner of a $100,000 home would have seen $1,334.35 in property taxes this year, or about $677 more than the previous year.

“It’s really a crisis for us out here, especially if the tax lid legislation becomes valid Jan. Gas leak explosion 1,” she said, referring to the Legislature’s approval of a law that requires a public vote if a city or county increases property taxes greater than the Consumer Price Index.

“Of course, it’s very difficult to set your budget in July and not know what the CPI is. K electric bill payment online We’re just planning to cut, cut, cut. Electricity bill calculator We’ve told every department, every entity that we fund,” Harder said.

According to Harder, Elkhart has lost petroleum services company Oxy USA, and she just learned recently that Anadarko Petroleum Corp. Electricity in costa rica voltage is on the auction block.

Residents in Morton County are angry, Harder said, and the commission tried to give fair warning last year that the situation was going to be critical by publishing information in the local newspaper about dramatic losses in oil and gas valuation.

In Haskell County, oil and gas makes up about 70 percent of the county’s overall valuation. Electricity facts In 2015, the county’s total valuation dropped roughly 40 percent, from $204 million to $121 million, largely due to the drop in oil and gas value, which fell to $57 million from $144 million in 2014.

Last year, Haskell County approved its 2016 budget with a 42.42 mill levy, a roughly 3.67 mill increase. Grade 9 electricity formulas To prevent increasing the mill levy even more, the county opted for the first time to use $1 million of its oil and gas depletion fund, leaving about $4 million for future use.

The county hasn’t had a budget meeting yet, Lower said, but he’s sure commissioners are going to have to consider dipping into the trust fund again this year. Gas 1981 Like Harder, Lower is concerned about the state-imposed tax lid and is skeptical about the chances of getting any tax increase, no matter if it’s a last resort, through a public vote.

Lower said the county made some budget cuts last year, held salaries static and used some reserves, but still ended up needing to increase its mill levy. Youtube gas monkey The situation doesn’t look any better this year.

Down the highway, Stevens County used $658,916 out of its oil and gas depletion fund last year and has roughly $4.86 million left. Gas x reviews ratings Of the county’s total value of $156 million, more than half, $83.7 million, comes from oil and gas.

Pat Hall, Stevens County Commission chairman, said the county hasn’t received numbers from its appraiser yet, but he doesn’t think the picture is going to look good for the 2017 budget.

“I’ve heard from other counties that they’re down 60 to 70 percent. N gas in paris lyrics I just don’t know where Stevens County is yet,” Hall said. Gas 4 less manhattan ks “But I know it’s going to be bad.”

Hall indicated he won’t be surprised if Stevens County’s value is also down 60 to 70 percent. Gas laws worksheet answers chemistry If so, it would be the worst the county’s valuation has been in 30 years.

“It’s worse than it’s ever been. Gas constant It’s really up in the air what we’re going to do, but it’s going to hurt everybody, I’m pretty sure,” Hall said.

Hall said there isn’t anything the county could have done differently. Gasbuddy login Stevens County has cut $5 million from its budget the last three years, and taxes have still gone up each year.

In addition to cutting services, Hall said the flip side of the coin is the loss of oil and gas production and associated services. Electricity questions grade 6 That’s money that is taken out of the community, providing a hit to the overall economy.

“We’re not used to it. E85 gas stations florida We’re a little spoiled. Q gastrobar We’ve been spoiled by the natural gas industry, and now the chickens are coming home to roost,” he said. Gas city indiana zip code “And there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Hall hopes the oil and gas industry rebounds soon, and hopes the county can weather the storm for a few years. E85 gas stations in iowa But he doesn’t think it will ever be like it was in the past.

“Our fields are depleting also. Gas x chewables reviews We’re pumping one-tenth of what we were 20 years ago. Gas in michigan So you’ve got low prices, and you’ve got low volume,” he said. Electricity sources “It’s just about as bad as it can get.”

Other counties that tend to rely more on oil and gas and used some of the oil and gas depletion fund for their 2016 budgets, included Grant, which used $393,807; and Hamilton, which used $80,000. Electricity transmission efficiency Greeley, Gray, Kearny, Lane, Scott, Wichita and Stanton counties did not use oil and gas depletion funds when creating their 2016 budgets.

Because of its larger property tax base and sales tax revenue, Finney County is not as dependent on the oil and gas portion of the valuation as smaller area counties.

In 2014, oil and gas valuation made up 22 percent of Finney County’s total valuation of $528 million. Gas efficient cars 2010 In 2015, it made up only 12 percent of the county’s $480 million valuation.

Last year, Finney County commissioners discussed using the trust fund to offset some of the loss of value, but held off based on advice from its auditor, who indicated the county should only use the fund in the most dire circumstance. Gas gas Finney County currently has about $3.88 million in its oil and gas depletion fund.

Randy Partington, Finney County administrator, said he doesn’t have total valuation numbers yet — they typically aren’t available until early July — but officials do think the oil and gas value will be going down again this year, likely a good amount.

The county could see a slight rise in real estate value to help offset oil and gas losses, but it’s too soon to know what the bottom line impact will be on the county’s budget.

Partington said the Finney County Commission has not talked about dipping into its oil and gas trust fund dollars to offset the potential loss. Electricity bill cost per unit The goal will be to hold the line as much as possible on property taxes.

“We’re not anticipating an increase in valuation, but until we get the numbers, we don’t know what it’s going to look like. Electricity merit badge requirements We just know oil and gas is going down,” Partington said.

Lona DuVall, president of the Finney County Economic Development Corp., said the oil and gas industry has a much bigger impact on smaller communities where economies are much more reliant on oil production and related services.

“We’re fortunate that we are diversified. Gas definition For Finney County, the biggest impact other than the royalty owners has been in the direct service and direct production companies to oil and gas,” she said.

DuVall said oil and gas production is cyclical in nature. Electric utility companies in florida It’s a commodity driven by foreign countries that have large supplies and opportunities to manipulate prices.

“While we’re supportive of the oil and gas industry and those businesses that support the oil and gas industry, everyone recognizes it’s a business that depends on a lot of things that are out of our control,” she said.

When oil and gas drilling was at its apex a few years ago, local hotels reaped the benefit as workers in those industries filled rooms and often stayed for weeks at a time.

“Hoteliers are feeling it pretty bad. Pass gas in spanish A few years back, when oil and gas was up, you couldn’t find a room in Garden City. Gas x strips directions After the bottom dropped, it’s affected everybody,” he said.

Where the traditional business traveler tends to stay Mondays through Wednesdays, oil company workers would stay through weekends, typically the slow days for hotels, Patel said.

In addition, those workers helped the entire local economy because they spent money shopping, getting gas, buying food and eating at restaurants, he said.

In the past four years, a number of new hotels were built in Garden City because it was difficult to find rooms, and people were going down the road to Liberal or Dodge City.

Patel added that some hotels are currently engaged in a rate war, offering rooms at cut rate prices, or whatever they can get just to survive.

“It’s hard to fathom. Gas zeta costa rica It’s not good in one way because we’re just giving our rooms away. 9gag nsfw Then again, if you don’t fill up your rooms, how are you going to make your payments? Right now, we’re battling,” he said.

Roxanne Morgan, executive director of the Finney County Convention and Visitors Bureau, said during April’s CVB board meeting that bed tax revenue has been fairly steady despite the downturn related to the oil industry. O gosh She speculated that lower gasoline prices actually led people to drive more, in addition to CVB bringing in some smaller conventions that helped its bottom line.

People might not be able to take those “Disney World vacations,” but they may be able to take a trip down the interstate or within a region to come to communities like Garden City, Morgan said.

“On that side of it (oil and gas worker stays), we’re losing a lot. Gas 78 But travel is moving up in April, a month generally slow for us, and this week I have four hotels that are full,” she said last month.

Patel, who is also the current CVB board chairman, estimated some hotels saw business drop as much as 50 percent over the past couple of years due to the downturn in the oil and gas industry. Mp electricity bill payment paschim kshetra Right now, he said, hoteliers are hoping to weather the storm, banking on the chance that new construction of the Meadowlark milk production plant and other new projects will fill some of the void.

Garden City is still ticking, Patel said, because it has a lot of other things going on. La gas prices now But he feels bad for smaller towns like Ulysses, Hugoton and Syracuse that are more reliant on the oil and gas industry.