Dr. david amron m.d., founder of the roxbury institute and global pioneer in lipedema treatment, to electricity laws in india

"Although first named in the 1940’s, the crucial issue with lipedema has been the poorly understood disease biology, for which patients have historically had limited treatment options in terms of diagnostics, effective treatment protocols or long-term care to relieve their symptoms and eliminate the health and wellness issues associated with this chronic disease, making the FDRS conference and their work vitally important," said Dr. Amron.

After over a dozen years working on the most difficult cases gaining a masterful understanding of the disease biology and the combination of holistic and surgical protocols to serve the lipedema community, Dr. Amron dedicated his personal practice to concentrate on lipedema patient care, and has performed more than 2,000 lipedema surgeries. The Roxbury Institute is now one of the world’s most comprehensive centers for not only surgical but pre- and post-operative care as well as ongoing treatment planning.

A patient advocate, Dr. Amron created the Lipedema Society to encourage public advocacy, awareness, education, support and resources for those affected by lipedema. The Lipedema Society also sponsors a fellowship program to train qualified surgeons from around the world in lipedema surgery. His protocols and programs will be presented at the FDRS Conference.

According to Dr. Amron, "Integrated albeit modified forms of advanced liposuction to remove the diseased fat is the best treatment available and starts a healing cascade. We identify and remove the diseased fat from the patient relieving pain and increasing mobility, but as a result, the body then restores metabolic, hormonal and endocrine systems towards normalcy, giving the patient a chance to systematically normalize and heal physically, mentally and emotionally."

Annually the FDRS conference brings together the world’s top physicians, clinicians, researchers, nutritionists and patients with compression and lymphatic drainage experts as well as hormone, fitness and inflammation specialists to educate the medical community as well as patients and caregivers to increase awareness of lipedema, Dercums Disease and other related fat disorders.

Founded by Dr. David Amron a top dermatologic surgeon, liposculpture and body contouring expert and a lipedema treatment pioneer, the Roxbury Institute offers a world class diagnostic, medical treatment, and educational facility along with comprehensive services in state-of-the-art anti-aging and non-invasive cosmetic aesthetics, plastic surgery, naturopathy and regenerative care. Located in Beverly Hills, the Roxbury Institute offers the most extensive treatment protocols for patient care in an exceptional facility. Dr. Amron recently established the Advanced Lipedema Treatment Program at The The Roxbury Institute which is a comprehensive program that addresses all critical areas of lipedema treatment and involves a range of services including diagnosis, medical therapy, nutritional counseling, MLD/decongestive therapy, stem cell therapy, lymphatic sparing liposuction, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and pre/post surgical IV therapy. The Roxbury Institute is also the home to a first-of-its-kind lipedema surgical fellowship program focusing on teaching the surgical methods for treatment and ongoing care. Regarded globally for standards of excellence, the Roxbury Institute, founder Dr. David Amron and his leading practitioners have been featured on the Doctors, ABC, FOX, NPR, The Huffington Post, Today and more.

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