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Although Dr. Mario is not classified as an Echo Fighter of Mario, Dr. Mario is still very much a full clone of Mario. Both characters are middleweights with the ability to wall jump. However, compared to Mario, Dr. Mario sports subpar mobility, with the sixty-second fastest walking speed, seventy-first fastest dashing speed, seventieth fastest air speed, poor air acceleration, tying electricity games online free for the forty-ninth through fifty-first fastest falling speed, tying for the forty-seventh through forty-ninth fastest fast falling speed, having average gravity and traction, and below-average jump force. As a result of these traits, Dr. Mario’s approach and recovery are greatly inferior to Mario’s, giving him sluggish movement in addition to negatively impacting both his neutral game and his edgeguarding skills.

Like Mario, Dr. Mario has excellent frame data, with his entire moveset having low startup lag, excluding specials. As a result, Dr. Mario is effective at punishing his opponents, while he himself is difficult to punish. Dr. Mario has excellent combo starters in his up tilt and down tilt, since both electricity towers health risks attacks come out rather quickly, and deal low knockback to the opponent. All of Dr. Mario’s aerials have decreased landing lag compared to his previous appearance in SSB4 (but still higher than Mario’s), contributing to his combo game, and making set-ups easier to create.

Possibly owing to his low-tier placement in Smash 4, Dr. Mario has been heavily buffed in Ultimate. One of his biggest buffs were to his already above-average damage output; all of his moves deal much more damage (excluding his pummel), which further supplements his damage-racking game and previously inconsistent KO ability. His recovery, while still being rather lackluster, has nevertheless improved electricity and magnetism slightly; his Dr. Tornado has less ending lag and increased distance, and the re-addition of directional air dodges gives him another option to possibly extend his recovery. His Megavitamins and Dr. Tornado have also been given notable improvements; the Megavitamins now deal enough damage and knockback to launch enemies slightly into the air, which potentially makes it a viable combo starter and even gives it the ability to set up KOs. Dr. Tornado, outside of its improved recovery potential, has been significantly buffed; it is now notorious for being able to KO offstage effectively at very low percentages, and when combined with its e85 gas stations in iowa increased distance, make it a deadly edgeguarding option. It also has gained heavy armor on startup, which further improves its safety and viability. Additionally, Dr. Mario has a new down aerial which can meteor smash opponents much like Mario’s forward aerial, which when combined with the changes to Dr. Tornado give him an improved edgeguarding game electricity projects ks2, although still inferior to Mario’s overall.

However, Dr. Mario has received a few nerfs. Like with Mario, Dr. Mario’s up tilt has had its hitbox placement adjusted, giving it inferior range in front of and underneath him. Additionally, his grabs, like Mario’s, have increased ending lag, impacting his grab game to an extent. Furthermore, his already sub-par mobility is slower, especially in comparison to the rest of the cast, given the nerfs to his air speed and jump height. His overall mobility remains largely unaltered from his previous appearance, resulting in him now being much slower relative to the roster (as well gaz 67b tamiya 1 35 as Mario himself), considering as most other fighters have received buffs to their mobility, Mario included.

Compared to Mario, Dr. Mario is still a slower and stronger clone of him. However, he is not classified as an Echo Fighter. There is currently no confirmed reason for this oddity, though it is likely due to Dr. Mario debuting in Melee rather than SSB4 or Ultimate as with the other Echo Fighters. Aside from having an updated idle animation, slightly higher traction compared to Mario, an altered animation for his side special, as well as receiving a new back throw and down aerial, he has not been further decloned. He has also received many of the same changes as Mario.

Compared to his appearance in Smash 4, his damage racking s gashi potential has increased substantially and his previously sub-par recovery is safer and better overall. Because of these changes, he is much better in Ultimate, and is arguably considered a viable choice in tournaments again like he was in Melee. However, he currently has a small playerbase, so his standing compared to the rest of the cast is yet to be seen.