Dr. matthew s grunkemeyer md reviews edgewood, ky vitals.com electricity water hose analogy

Dr. Grunkemeyer walked into the examination room. He took my hand and asked me about the pain I was having and for how long. He actually looked at me when I was talking! He walked over to the computer and looked at the xray. He then turned to me, took his hand and went directly to the area in my hip that was causing all my pain. He explained that it was bursitis and he was going to give me an injection. He then went on to tell me approximately how long the injection would last and that he wanted to see me in a few months to see how I was doing. He also wanted me to have some physical therapy. I saw him again three months later (but this time I had no pain). He was the same caring doctor as he was before. He explained the difference between heat and ice, should I need it, but told me to call whenever I felt the need. This doctor is wonderful, not only in his profession, but as a caring individual. I have told my family and friends just how much he has helped me and have urged them, should they need a "bone doctor" to make an appointment with him. Too bad all doctors don’t have his ability to identify the problem so quickly, his bedside manner, and his genuine interest in his patients. Also, his facility has a great Physical Therapy Department. The therapists are knowledgeable and very understanding, plus they are hands-on. They really work with you. I was completely confident that they wanted me to get better and live without pain. I have nothing negative to say about OrthoCincy.

As with the "first visit" to a medical service, one has to produce diver’s license, insurance card, medicare card. These cards are scanned. Then umteen forms to fill out. Frustrating because several of the forms are redundant. Additionally, the paper forms are asking for the same information that the scanned cards have. In the age of technology, the forms are not or no longer needed or useful; superfluous. Desk lady probably recognized my frustration about "paper work" and was very courteous to de-flame me. Good show on her part. OFFICE VISIT: The first girl who came in to collect whatever info needed is not very observant. She was talking to her computer with her back to me. It is obvious by having a hearing instrument that I have an audio deficiency. She should have recognized this and then made some accommodation for this, as swing around on her chair. A lot of us old folks cannot hear very well. Some of us because of economics cannot afford $4000 worth of hearing aids. ….. X-Ray Tech lady OK.. Dr. G came in….. excellent initial reaction: personable. Seems full of energy. Maintained excellent eye contact. Took time for me to "tell my story" about problem knees. Looked at the knee x-rays and quickly said "I can see why you are having a problem." Can make quick decisions without forcing a preconceived decision on the patient . Recommended treatment for knees that I assumed he would make. Did not become defensive nor arrogant with very specific questions I asked— some physicians I’ve asked questions to respond in a manner as "that is above your pay grade" and "I know what I am doing… why do I have to tell you." After initial visit, Dr. G is recommended….. More to come, unfortunately 🙁 Full Review Rating Breakdown