Dr. oz and the healing power of reiki electricity kwh to unit converter


“I know firsthand the amazing miracles we can achieve with modern Western medicine,” Oz said on an episode of his program, “but I also know that for centuries, people around the world have developed alternative therapies to treat the body, mind, and the soul.”

Reiki energy healing, in particular, makes Oz’s list of effective medical alternatives that boost overall health and wellbeing. Why? Put simply, its ability to re-balance bodily and cognitive systems serves as not only an instant potential pain reliever but also a long-term preventive therapy. Offering a non-invasive complement to Western therapies, Reiki may help ease conditions like headaches, arthritis, and high blood pressure. In the hands of Reiki Professionals, a patient can experience an increase in the flow of his or her qi life force by harnessing the power of universal energy. Energy Medicine

Although the immediate reaction to a Reiki session differs from patient to patient, Oz points out the healing properties of physical touch. “I actually feel the heat,” he says, tying this warming sensation to a feeling of reduced tension and body-mind harmony.

Oz’s wife, Lisa Oz, knows firsthand the benefits of Reiki and its great potential as a catalyst for medical breakthroughs. As a Reiki master, she wholly embraces energy healing, pointing out in a recent interview that “the next wave of medical advances will be when we come to recognize the body as an energetic system.”

Though this trusted doctor may be at the forefront of Reiki’s influence in everyday health and culture, Oz is not alone. Athletes and celebrities have come to understand the positive effects of Reiki practice, imbuing these famous folks with a sense of calm in a chaotic world. From Christina Aguilera’s use of Reiki for weight loss, to golfer Phil Mickelson’s Reiki-inclusive treatment plan for psoriatic arthritis, Reiki has been used to treat a number of celebrity ailments, and has even been said to prove a holistic therapy for Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Ellen DeGeneres, among other top celebrities. The practice’s ability to strengthen determination is key for maintaining focus and powering through stressful situations. In the case of Aguilera, whose Reiki methods have been outlined in Women’s Health and elsewhere, Reiki untangled the complicated spiral of weight gain: people eat when they feel stressed; for Aguilera, regaining discipline through Reiki stopped the thoughtless food intake, and unwanted weight shed naturally.

While weight loss is not a concern for Oz, a former football and water polo player who exercises daily, he believes that Reiki offers a multitude of benefits worth sharing. Occasionally, Oz even invites Reiki masters into his operating room, allowing them to tend to patients undergoing precarious surgeries like heart transplants. Drawing on viable unseen energies, Reiki masters like Pamela Miles and Julie Motz have melded their expertise with Oz’s mastery as a heart surgeon.

Ultimately, even with the advent of awe-inducing improvements in medical technology and the treatment of disease, Oz yearns for a simpler time. “I would take us all back a thousand years,” he says in The New Yorker interview, “when our ancestors lived in small villages and there was always a healer in that village.” Through Reiki, Oz has tapped into that ancient past – and, without doubt, he is a healer.