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J-b davis, thanks for the reply. He is a member of the ishrs and seems valid. There are a few good reviews on him and I cant find any bad ones. It says on his website he created the nlht ( no look hair transplant ) basically gas dryer vs electric dryer safety transplanting hair without shaving the rest off. No offense, but just judging from your post, you REALLY need to do tons of research before even considering having a hair transplant. The ISHRS is basically like a trade organization that any doctor can join, even if he or she is just thinking about doing hair transplants. There are absolutely no standards involved, so this is not a valid credential. The fact that he promotes something gas house gorillas called the “no look hair transplant” is big red flag. He might be a great doctor, I really have no clue, but judging from his marketing and the fact that he is not in the IAHRS, it would be difficult for anyone who has been on these forums for a while to tell you to go for it. you should also take into account that if someone with 1 or 2 posts all of a sudden says they had a great experience electricity demand with a doc, those posts are probably not real.

Did anyone ended up trying with Dr. Mantse? Yes I have just been to see him. He is very aloof and not at all like all the reviews I’ve read on him say. Yes, you are picked up and dropped off electricity per kwh calculator at the airport by chauffeur and the hotel is ok, although when you want room service they don’t have a room service menu in the room so you have to go down to the restaurant to pick what you want which completely nullifies the point of room service!

You have breakfast at 7am in the hotel then a taxi picks you up at 7:45 which you pay for yourself. His surgery is in a large mansion, but he says he doesn’t live there. When he lets you in he tells you to leave your shoes and hp gas online booking mobile number put on a pair of crocs. There’s no chit chat at all while you’re led upstairs to get changed into surgical garments in a bathroom.

You’re then asked to fill out a couple of forms, take 2 diazepam, 2 painkillers and an antibiotic. Still, there is no talking at all or even a description of what’s about to happen. He then asks you to lay face first on the operating chair. The stitching inside the face hole is dirty, the scissors on the table are rusty, the chrome on the chairs and on the utensil table are very rusty or corroded. I later found n gas in paris lyrics out it is due to the amount of NaCl solution he sprays which m gasbuddy is highly corrosive to non stainless steel. Still, it didn’t fill me with confidence.

Still no explaining or talking. Then he started harvesting the grafts which took about 2-3 hours, about an hour in, his wife assisted. They spoke Hungarian throughout the process and didn’t speak to me once. Then at 11pm it was lunch, I wasn’t really hungry as it was too soon after breakfast and I was high off the tablets. Then around 12pm he started the grafting on the front.

He gave me a white pencil and asked me to draw on the hairline I wanted, I was more concerned about the crown but he didn’t ask me about this. Then more painful injections later, he started planting the grafts. He put the ID channel on the TV so I was watching crime electricity nw documentaries for the next 6 hours. Any time I asked a question it was either a 5 word answer or we will talk about this later which never happened. The gas near me cheap only thing he said to me in 6 hours was wake up as I fell asleep for a few seconds off the monotony of the TV channel coupled with the sedatives.

Next day, exactly the same again to the letter. Same programs on the ID channel as the day before, still no talking. Whereas he spent around 7-8 hours on the front, he only spent around 2-3 hours on the crown, which concerns me as this is the area I wanted more coverage on. He finished around 5:20pm taxi was waiting i feel electricity in my body, aftercare advice was around a 20 second long sentence, then sent me on my way with his card and said any problems, call me.

Now for the good part. When I looked at his work in the mirror, the way he has done the fringe is perfect, very densely packed and not in rows like most of the Turkish surgeons. They were well inserted, better than anything I’ve seen on the internet and the area was very clean with no blood. I had to get home before my wife could tell me what the crown looked like and she tells me it is also densely packed. It was probably quicker as the electricity flow diagram crown hairs can be placed with less precision than the front.