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This DRaaS Service Schedule is subject to all terms and conditions of the Unitrends Cloud Services Terms and Conditions set forth at https://www.unitrends.com/legal-notices/cloud-services-eula, as the same may be updated from time to time, and is incorporated by reference therein. electricity grid australia All defined terms used herein shall have the meaning accorded to such terms in the Service Schedule for Unitrends Cloud. DRAAS SUMMARY

3.1. Scheduling a manual DR Testing Period. Testing of Unitrends DRaaS Protected Servers provides the Customer with the ability to validate the availability and functionality of their Protected Servers in the event of a DR Event. Manual disaster recovery testing can be done completely free once per 12-month period starting with the contract start date. Additional tests may be subject to a fee for the labor and infrastructure to perform failover and failback. In order to schedule a manual testing period the Customer must contact Unitrends Support to schedule DR Testing of the environment. Additionally, a moratorium of DR Testing may be placed in the event of another customer declaring a DR Event.

3.2. electricity names superheroes Use of Recovery Assurance Automated Testing, included with Elite and Premium DRaaS. If Customer has enrolled in Elite or Premium DRaaS, or separately licensed Unitrends’ Recovery Assurance software for their cloud instances, DR Testing will be automated and configured to run on a scheduled basis and includes delivery of a status email upon the completion of the automated DR Testing. DISASTER EVENTS

A declaration event is used to initiate the full (or partial) spin up of a customer’s DRaaS entitlement in the Unitrends Cloud based on the level of service purchased. Declaration events can be used for true disaster recovery, as well as manual disaster recovery tests. electricity dance moms episode A declaration event, whether for testing or true failover, will consume the allotted 30-days of run time entitlement in the Unitrends Cloud. The declaration of a DR Event occurs when the Customer declares a disaster or testing event by notifying Unitrends support services via phone (email declarations will not be accepted). Declaration of a DR Event means that the entire list of Protected Services as validated during the last DR Testing period will be recovered and booted up on the Unitrends Cloud. There may be a delay for physical systems which may be in a testing state prior to the declaration of Disaster while re-initialization to a warm state is in progress.

When the Customer notifies Unitrends that they are ready to failback, Unitrends will replicate the latest version of the Customer’s VMs in Unitrends DRaaS and ship the data on a temporary replacement appliance via expedited shipping. gas engine efficiency Unitrends will provide a prepaid return label for the customer to ship the replacement appliance back to Unitrends once failback is complete.

For Elite and Premium service levels, Customer must notify Unitrends Support of any changes to the Protected Servers for DRaaS to ensure that full recovery testing is completed and that RTOs can be met in the event of disaster. For Unlimited service levels, which does not include automated testing or a recovery SLA, it is not necessary to notify Unitrends of changes to Protected Servers. OPERATING SYSTEMS

Customer acknowledges and agrees to the following assumptions, which apply to the provision of DRaaS and the use of DRaaS with Unitrends Cloud Services. electricity lyrics If Customer does not comply with the following assumptions, Unitrends may not be able to provide the DRaaS to the Customer or may not be able to provide DRaaS in a timely manner. Any failure of Unitrends as a result of Customer’s failure to meet the following assumptions will not be deemed a breach of any implied or expressed service level agreement between Unitrends and the Customer or a breach of this DRaaS Service Schedule.

• Customer will be responsible for any and all costs and expenses, including any professional services fees resulting from additional effort required of Unitrends as a result of inaccurate or out of date information that was provided by the Customer during onboarding and implementation testing. Customer will be invoiced for such amounts by Unitrends at Unitrends’ then-current professional

• Customer is responsible for providing adequate bandwidth from Customer source location(s) to Unitrends data center(s) to ensure performance requirements can be met. Unitrends cannot guarantee performance at any location with insufficient bandwidth and Customer must commit to bandwidth upgrades required to meet any defined performance requirements.

• The scope of the Unitrends DRaaS only includes the recovery of Protected Servers and the associated Replicated Customer Content. No implementation of application level recovery is included, other than those provided through Unitrends’ automation software for Customers who have purchased a DRaaS service level that includes Recovery Assurance.