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To lose weight on any diet, you need tremendous willpower. Last even five days on a fruit and vegetable menu is very hard and hungry on the second day and a schedule to keep diet seems impossible. Besides, usually at the diet not sugar and alcohol is prohibited. However, if you still do not break and can withstand the mode, observing the correct diet, you probably will lose weight — the results will be visible after a week, even if the sport will not be included in the method of weight loss.

If you’ve decided to change — to lose weight and reduce the volume, you should decide on what diet to take. But keep in mind that easy diet — the concept is mythical. To significantly to lose weight strict cleansing diet for 1-2 weeks. The most effective plan for weight loss in which takes pounds in a kilogram is a hard drinking diet. It is on drinking diets you can achieve weight loss and a month to get a new body.

Drinking diet is considered one of the most effective ways of losing weight. It still has the name “water diet”, since there is no physical activity, as well as “diet top models”. Even if the desire to play sports, this is hardly strong enough. Especially drinking the diet:

• The risks of harm to health, the provocation of diseases such as gastritis and anemia, the emergence of skin problems, decreased immunity, there are failures in blood formation. Can develop renal failure, manifest decline in hemoglobin levels and heart disease and stomach.

Because compliance with a liquid diet in the diet is not solid food and a variety of vitamins and trace elements necessary for normal functioning of the body, it is contraindicated in pregnant women, nursing mothers, and people suffering from any disease. Time liquid diet

After the number of calories in the diet will be reduced, begin the weight reduction. On the first day of drinking diet with proper training you can lose up to 2-3 pounds. For seven days your weight will throw off up to 7 kg. If you manage to survive for two weeks on drinking diet, you can lose weight by 10-13 kg. subject to a liquid diet for months to achieve record results and to reduce the weight of even 20 lbs. How to enter into the drinking diet

The most difficult day of drinking diet is the first. To start a diet is always difficult-the body cannot immediately adjust to the new diet, especially if the usual solid food in the diet will be missing. Want to eat and chew, and you just drink.

Even if the table menu is full of a variety of liquid foods, you may feel that losing weight on the water alone. In the beginning of the diet can manifest with acute bouts of hunger and you really want to forget about calories and eat familiar food.

The efficiency may drop to zero due to the decline of forces, the mood will be ruined. But it is important to remember that in the beginning of the diet is actively cleansing the body. For this reason, you may experience discomfort, discomfort, for example, the breath, the emergence of the language of the plaque.

Go on drinking the diet helps preparation for entry into the new power mode. At least one week before the start of the diet should start to eat correctly in excluding from its menu of heavy food: flour, fat, sweet, fast food, any dish with sugar. In addition, you should double or triple to reduce your usual portions and drink plenty of water. What foods are allowed in drinking diet

If all other diets the main drink when adhering to a proper diet are the only water on a liquid diet the emphasis is also on skim milk. In addition, the diet included fresh juices of different composition — vegetable, fruit and their mixtures, various types of teas — it is important to remember that it should not be sweet.

Besides milk, you can include in the menu dairy products, e.g. yogurt. Of the hot dishes do not use meat or fish broth and oatmeal jelly. As a dessert you can afford to make smoothies with berries and fruit. And don’t forget to drink plenty of purified water without gas. What is not with drinking diet

The most optimal is a week-long drinking diet. Before start it, it would be better to be prepared, adhering to the diet menu. Seven-day diet will consist solely of beverages, in addition to this, you will need at least drink 2 litres of clean water per day. The basic principle of the effectiveness of drinking diet is that when there is a desire to eat, need to drink beverages with low calories. During the diet, the stomach volume will be reduced, which will lead to loss of appetite and weight loss of negative seven pounds.

In a two-week diet without solid food need to enter gradually, and to get out of it, not to lose the result. Survive 14 days on a drinking diet it is possible if in advance to tune in the diet, which includes 1,500 calories a day. However, even for Breakfast you will not have the status of “ate”, and the pictures with images of your favorite harmful dishes are flashed before my eyes. But, gaining extra weight, it’s time to stop eating and start drinking. Was not such a hardship, everything can be overcome if there is commitment to purpose.

The diet for a month drinking diet same every day: for Breakfast eat a drinking glass of fat-free yogurt, two hours later — for lunch — a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, lunch — soup of vegetables and a glass of unsweetened green tea, the afternoon tea jelly made from fruit or berries, dinner and a glass of low-fat yogurt. Drinking diet: recipes Kefir Apple drink

Not to gain with such work weight lost as the result of drinking diet, you should get out of it gradually and smoothly. Go back to your normal diet, should be within a period that is twice the period of the diet. After two weeks of diet usual products is necessary to enter in the menu throughout the month. If the diet lasted thirty days, to resume solid food a high-calorie food should run smoothly for two months.

Despite the end of the diet once again start to consume starchy and sweet food should be as late as possible, in the first few days to eat solid food only at Breakfast time. Lunches and dinners should consist of drinks with a gradual transition to solid food. Gentle drinking diet

For those who are psychologically and physically difficult to stay on drinking diet for a few days in a row, there is an easier way to lose weight and cleanse the body. Nutritionists offer to arrange fasting days on one drink twice a week, but not in a row. Thus, for 4 weeks (no more) two times every seven days conduct a hunger strike, using a day only pure water (half to two liters) and fresh juices from vegetables and fruits. But even fasting days is recommended only after consulting with a doctor.