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@Linda Elizabeth as have I, and have been since Day 1. I bought a 2006 jeep commander in November of 2014 (the Tuesday before thanksgiving to be exact). when I test drove it the check engine light was on, I was told that that would be fixed. When I picked it up the light was off but the problem wasn’t fixed. I sat in the dealership for 5 hours while they prepared a dissertation size contract which included $400 for a damn "loJack" service which I never asked for, but they forced on me. Two days after getting the car, it was on the back of a tow truck because the starter went out. Then the something went out with the gear box and a sensor weren’t communicating with the transmission. the fixed the gear box for $500, but wouldn’t cover the $1500 sensor. After having to act like an total #### and threatened to have them just come get the car, they decided to fix it. Everytime, the car was in the shop, i had issues with the damn warranty company not wanting to pay. The worst was when i had the car in the shop and it stayed there for a month while I wracked up a $1600 rental car bill, AND the repairs were not covered. They like to take their sweet time, getting back to you about repairs, but be 24 hours late with a payment and they are blowing up your phone. Finally, I had had enough and last night, they finally came and picked up their contraption, because I stopped paying. If this class action suit is in the work, I would love to be included.

I purchased a 2002 Alero from these people in November 2007, when I first brought it home my window on the passengers side fell into the door, the y supposedly fixed it then the drivers window fell in the door again they say they fixed it, well this happened a few more times, Then in August 2008 the car would not start, I called Drivetime they asked me to get it to their mechanic to look at it, I did and was told the car was fine I brought it home it would not start for 3 weeks and for 3 weeks I called drivetime who told me I would have to get it to their mechanic and pay towing charges, I got it to their mechanic again was told the car was fine and again brought it home and again car would not start, at that point I was fed up I called drivetime to get the car I was done they refused and threatened me with garnishments on my paycheck and everything else they could think of. So like an idiot I kept paying for a vehicle that was nothing more than an oversized lawn ornament until december when I said thats it I am done especially when they tried to say it was my fault the car wasn’t working. When I finally got the car started I drove it to drive time pulled in their lot and the car died right there, I handed the keys over and said good luck with it. Now I am getting letters from a collection agency for the amount due of 9, 000.00 The car was only worth blue book 2500 when they sold it to me. This company has to be stopped and if anyone knows how to start a lawsuit against them or if an attorney ever reads any of this please help all of us who have been victimized by these snakes Kyosco Phoenix, Arizona