Driving along, truck shuts down, all gauges go to zero… – ford truck enthusiasts forums gsa 2016

Well, this truck (note: this is a fleet truck, not the one in my signature) did the exact same thing as before with the replaced battery as it did last year. To reiterate, last year driving on smooth road at highway speed after having ran for about 15 mins, truck went totally dead. No dash lights, no radio…coasted to the shoulder, and could not get any functionality anywhere by turning the ignition key. No starter, no ding-ding put your seat belts on, no dash lights…it was like the battery was totally disconnected. So our mechanic replaced the battery under the hypothesis that the original Ford battery had an internal short.

Now, flash forward to last week, drove 1-1/2 hours to a nearby town for a meeting, drove 1-1/2 hours back home…smooth road, highway speed, outside temp about 40 degrees F…let passengers out, parked the rig, shifted the gear shift lever into park and then everything went dead…just like before. No dash lights, non-responsive ignition switch. I did try and rattle the parking brake mount and gently moved nearby wiring harness without regaining the ability to start. Checked the battery to see if it was warm, (another internal short???) but it was not. Following morning the truck started right up. Go figure. Faulty wiring (like intermittent connection) is the obvious go-to solution, but this truck does get driven on rough roads regularly without developing this problem. This 2012 truck has less than 15,000 miles on it.

This is my experience also. My 13 is a Lariat and does in fact have the giant connector attached to the parking brake bracket. I’ve had the same thing happen where everything (dash, ac, ignition) all go dead and the truck won’t restart like it has a dead battery. Wiggle the connector and it comes back to life.

I put dielectric grease on the pins, removed it from the parking brake bracket and zip tied it to something else under the dash. Always put my foot on the parking brake when releasing it to keep the shock down and I’ve never had a problem with the crazy dashboard and dead truck since.Thanks for the response. I looked for the connector while the truck was dead, and did not see an obvious one to check. The truck is currently in the fleet garage having a new "battery fuse" installed. This is directly behind the battery itself. The parking brake connector has come up several times. I will definitely find out where it is in the event that this problem occurs again when we are out in the field.

Well it was not the battery fuse, as the truck just did it again. Parked it after a drive, went out the next morning and the truck was dead as a door nail. Turning the key produced no responses. No lights, no ding-ding sounds. The radio would not come on. The dome light was dead. Light under the hood dead as well. May as well have been sticking a Popsicle stick in the ignition switch. H_o_w_e_v_e_r….the horn does work when the truck is in this dead state, and after the truck "woke up" as a result of just sitting parked, the radio presets were not lost as they would be if the battery was totally disconnected from the vehicle. Our fleet mechanic thinks that the problem is with the smart chip detector in the ignition switch. Interesting theory, however I have an all metal key for this truck, putting it in the ignition causes all of the bells, whistles, and blinky lights to go on as they should, but not ignition when the key is fully turned (no surprise there). Anyone have any thoughts on this?