Driving and rules of the road in italy gas and sand


However, notice I wrote "until recently" speed limits were rarely enforced. Thanks to speed trap cameras, this is no longer the case. world j gastrointest surg impact factor Just in the past few years, Italians have gotten way more aggressive about issuing tickets—for speeding, parking, and even not wearing a seatbelt (which, by law, you must do). electricity lab activities Italy’s reputation as a nation of scofflaws may actually be starting to change.

The fact that an automatic camera can sense a speeder, snap a photograph of your license plate, send a message to a computer with the data, then automatically issue you a ticket—even if, while this is happening, every cop in town is just sitting around the station eating the proverbial doughnut—means if you speed, expect to get a fine in the mail.

No, you can’t just ignore a ticket. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, any unpaid tickets will eventually find their way to you via the car rental agency, which will merely provide the local municipality with your address, then automatically charge your credit card a whopper of a fee for their troubles (on the order of $80–$90). Several months later, you will get the fine in the mail—a fine you can only pay by international bank wire transfer, for which your bank may charge anywhere from $15 to $70.

Many Italian cities—most notably Florence and Rome but also smaller cities like Siena, Siracusa, and Assisi—are either experimenting with or have already adopted the ZTL ("Zona Traffico Limitato" or Zone of Limited Traffic)—you may have heard of something similar called a "congestion charge" famously instituted by London (and famously shot down in New York). electricity production in india Milan now has one, too: €5 per day.

Practical upshot: Traffic cameras will take a picture of your license plate if you enter the ZTL. If you are not a resident who has paid for a registered pass—or do not get your hotel to register your car with the police immediately upon arrival so they know you are a tourist and can issue a temproary pass—you will be hit with a huge fine.

The AA ( www.theaa.com)—the British version of AAA, not the group that helps alcoholics—provides an updated monthly gas chart, downloadable in Word format, showing you how much gas costs per liter (er, "litre") in countries across Europe. a level physics electricity questions and answers Remember to multiply that by 3.8 to get gallons (or just guesstimate by multiplying by four) and then by the current exchange rate to get a sense of the going rate per gallon in dollars—and a sense of just how insanely expensive gas is in Europe. pictures electricity pylons Maybe now you understand why Europeans think we’re crazy to complain about the price of gas in the U.S. (and why they are partial to such tiny, fuel efficient cars) » more Tolls in Italy

More confusingly, you never know whether the town(s) listed will be: (a) the next blip of a hamlet the road passes through, (b) the next major town down that road, (c) the provincial capital down the line a ways, (d) the name of the town (could be big, could be tiny) that sits at the next intersection of another major (or maybe minor) road, (e) the regional capital 100 miles down the pike, (f) some other major city 250 miles away, or (g) Rome.

[In a further wrinkle, sometimes the next big town down the road will not appear on the signs at all, and this is out of spite. I kid you not. If two neighboring towns or cities are historical rivals, with several hundreds years of mutual enmity seething between them, they will sometimes refuse to acknowledge each other’s existence on road signs. gas definition state of matter For example, it was only recently that Lucca and Pisa—which are only 16 miles apart—started posting road signs on how to get from one to the other. Of course, the municipalities can only ignore one another on signs under their direct control (usually local and provincial roads). This doesn’t stop locals from blacking out their rival’s name when it appears on signs for regional or state roads. electricity meaning Welcome to Italy!] Don’t be a temptress/tempter

Speaking of AAA ( www.aaa.com), not only do its offices provide one-stop shopping for International Drivers Permits and traveler’s checks, they also have some free maps and travel info on every country in the world. These materials are really not that great for Italy (or anywhere in Europe), but they are decent for an overview. Get road intel from the ACI