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My husband and I are frequent visitors to Puerto Vallarta 5 gases. Our last trip was this past November. We hired Roberto for a mid-day excursion to include a scenic drive and beach-front lunch. Roberto suggested a visit to Boca de Tomatlan, a small fishing village located at the mouth of the river where Highway 200 turns inland from the coast about a 45 minute drive south of Puerto Vallarta. The drive along the ocean passes numerous interesting landmarks many with wonderful ocean vistas all described by Roberto often with amusing anecdotes. We passed through Mismaloya, which Roberto reminded us is the site of John Huston’s “Night of the Iguana” (Richard Burton and Ava Gardner – not ElizabethTaylor as many believe) On arriving in Boca de Tomatlan we were welcomed to the Huachanango restaurant by Cesar, our host. The restaurant is situated on the beach with tables in the sand under sun umbrellas and others set back a bit under the restaurant palapa. Cesar recommended a table slightly above the beach, still in the sand, but just under the palapa. Drinks were offered and quickly served. Roberto described what we were seeing from our table in the sand…rental fishing boats pangas that take passengers further down the coast, tour boats from Puerto Vallarta, and how access to the homes on the opposite side of the river is only by boat. Throughout our stay families enjoyed the sun, sand and water along the beach below us. Cesar filled in details about current local activities and various boats anchored in the bay. Lunch was a delicious grilled red snapper caught that morning served in a butter a garlic sauce with rice and vegetables followed by a delicate flan baked by a local woman. A sipping tequila ended a most enjoyable meal, great conversation and company. After a walk along the beach-front street of Boca, Roberto delivered us back to our villa in Puerto Vallarta. A relaxing and memorable day. We are looking forward to a similar day-trip with Roberto to San Pancho, an ocean front village north of Puerto Vallarta, when we next visit.

Made our group very uncomfortable. Early on a member needed a bathroom break, so Roberto suggested a locals saloon where gas efficient suv 2015 we could use the facility if we bought a margarita, at 10:00AM. Since the bar was open at that hour, and Roberto in turn ordered a round of doubles for the entire group plus a couple beers for himself, it was apparently a set-up so Roberto could grease his buddy the bar owner. The bill did not reflect local prices. Lunch was at a disgusting beach restaurant of Roberto’s recommendation, where he again had at least one beer on us. But the kicker was the tequila factory stop, which Roberto went out of his way to promote. Roberto had multiple shots during the ridiculous shtick-loaded sales pitch, and was seen accepting a bottle of tequila outside as at least part of his kick-back. After which he was given another bottle as a birthday present in front of all of us. He seemed a bit lit-up at this point, and as a token of his appreciation he passed the hat around to OUR GROUP for a tip to give to the tequila salesman, providing some sob story that he only makes Mexico minimum wage. Hmmm, makes only a few dollars a day but can give a bottle of tequila purportedly worth $120 USD away as a birthday present… Using Roberto gas x coupon 2015 was an unnerving mistake, not to be repeated.

If you look at my 151 reviews over the past 8 years,you will realize that this review doesn’t make any sense. Here are the facts: 1. I picked up this party of 5 at 10:00 am., for the second day of their tour. Approx 40 minutes later, we made our first stop at the local P.V. cemetery. We visited there for just over 1/2 hr. The lady in the group then requested a bathroom stop, so I offered her 2 options; A gas station where cleanliness is sometimes questionable, or a bar/restaurant that I was familiar with and knew the facilities would be clean. Because I knew the bartender, we would electricity physics problems NOT be obliged to buy a drink. She opted for the bar. We arrived there at approx 11:30 am, NOT 10:00 am as stated by the reviewer. THIS BAR DOES NOT OPEN UNTIL 11:00 am. When we arrived, everyone decided to have a drink. I did not, nor would I ever, order a round of double margaritas (or any other drink) for a group of 5. Everybody sat at the bar and ordered their own drink. While I was in the washroom, someone ordered a beer for me. I did not drink it. This could not possibly be a set-up, as this stop was REQUESTED. 2. During our lunch at the disgusting restaurant (which gets rave reviews, not one bad one) I had one light beer with my lunch. 3. I did not go out of my way to promote the tequila tasting. It was REQUESTED by them on their first email to me. 4. During the tasting part of the tequila presentation, everyone is given a one ounce plastic shooter cup. They taste 8 different flavors and styles of tequila. A toast is given before each shot 1 unit electricity cost in bangalore. I take an empty cup and take a pretend shot in order to participate in the ceremony, without actually drinking. 5. I TOLD THEM IN ADVANCE that although the tasting is free, it is customary and polite to offer the tequila presenter a gratuity, as in fact, he does only earn minimum Mexican wage, which is $4.00 usd per DAY (this is not a type-o), plus a small commission on sales. They all agreed. I also add the same amount as each person out of my own pocket, which they saw me do. 6. The bottle of tequila was given to me by the OWNER of the establishment, in full view of everyone and with much ceremony, for my birthday, which is in November, a short time before this visit. 7. If I was lit-up at this point, as was stated by the reviewer, why would ANYONE get in the car with me to drive more than an hour back to their yacht?? MAKES NO SENSE!! I had a total of one light beer on a 7 hour tour. I’m sorry the client didn’t share his concerns with me during the 2 days we spent together, so we could have discussed them face to face.

This was our second tour with Roberto, and it was every bit as good as the first. Important note: It says on the top of this TripAdvisor page, ‘Booking unavailable on TripAdvisor’. This is very misleading. While it’s true this tour can’t be booked THROUGH TripAdvisor, it can be booked directly WITH Roberto. His contact information is on the right of the page, below the pics. He responds almost immediately, or certainly within one day. Okay, now for the tour. Roberto has traveled extensively and has lived in Puerto Vallarta for the past 15 years. He drives a spotless, air conditioned vehicle. Each tour is private for your group, and with Roberto’s guidance, you can plan your own day. He has three sample tours on his website, but will go wherever you want, for a minimum of three hours. His rates are gsa 2016 catalog very reasonable and are clearly stated on the on his website. Last time we did the North tour, which I reviewed in April. This time we did Puerto Vallarta and the South Coast highway tour. Lovely contrast to the North tour. Roberto picked us up at our condo in Bucerius, and after discussing our tour, we were on our way to Puerto Vallarta. We drove through Nuevo Vallarta, as I hadn’t been there before, and then on to PV, where our first stop was the Puerto Vallarta cemetery. Then on to see Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s house. Next up to a great viewing spot on the hill in an area full of mansions called ‘Conchas Chinas’. We then walked the Malecon followed by a half hours drive down the coast to a very picturesque little fishing village where we had a great seafood lunch on the beach, and watched the local kids splash in the ocean. We finished with another short drive to see how Tequila is made. We were running late, but gas zyklon b with a call from Roberto, they kept the place open for just us. I’m not really a tequila lover but we wound up buying five bottles (and getting the one free). The guide for the tequila place was funny and entertaining. We loved being able to go exactly where we wanted, and stay for as long we wanted. Roberto shared lots of great information on each place we visited, and the area in general. He is also a very genial (and humorous) person to spend the day with, and an extremely safe driver. He negotiated all the narrow, cobblestoned and hilly streets in PV with great care. A perfect day! (Un dias perfecto)