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We planned our trip to Srisailam by TSRTC bus. We started from Hyderabad by 9:30AM Super Luxury bus. it was a non AC bus and took exact 6 hours to reach Srisailam from Hyderabad electricity and magnetism physics. We visited the place in month JULY so AC was not that much required. Weather was pleasant. We reach Srisailam 3:30PM and check in Hotel Haritha (booked online). At 4 PM we hired an Auto (in rs 300) to visit 5 temples in Srisailam (Shikaram, Hatakeswara, Lalitha devi temple , PhalaDhara Phanchdhara, Adishankarcharya, Shakshi Ganpati) All temples gas leak chicago were not crowded and we completed darshan by 6PM and came back to Hotel. Then we went to the Malliakrjuna Swamy temple. Guards and our auto electricity and circuits ppt driver told us that temple is not much crowded today, you may go for free darshan and we did that mistake. It took 2.5 hours to complete the Darshan. I will advise not to opt free Darshan completely exhausted. (Tip: You may enter from free darshan gate check if you found electricity billy elliot broadway the line inside and come outside and go through paid darshan. In Paid darshan you will be free in 15-20 minutes). In free darshana too, we were allowed to touch the Shivling. We came out by 8:50PM origin electricity faults and then booked Abhishekam for next day morning and collected all pooja stuff from counter. After that we went to Trishool restaurant and had dinner (I found food was spicy). Next day morning we reached temple counter 5:30AM for Arti Darshan booking gas after eating eggs. Morning MahaArti darshan can be booked by one static electricity diagram hour before only. Ticket cost Rs 200/-. Arti timing was 6 o clock and we were inside the temple by 5:45 AM. I will advise if you wana see the arti either stand just in front of Garbh Griha or just behind the Nandi. From other locations you will electricity cost las vegas have to bend on the railings to watch clearly. By 6 o’ clock all lights were off and only garbh Griha was lighten with Depak and Arti. Seriously out of the world experience. We came out from temple by 6:45AM as after Mahaarti in main temple, arti in the Devi temple started we attended that also. After arti Darshan we went electricity wiki for Abhishekam with other Ticket of Abhishekam which we booked one day before. We went Inside from a separate path for Abhishekam. Inside the temple. Inside the temple Pujari gave us a Ghada/ pitcher filled with water. Male as well as females can gas stoichiometry practice do the Abhishekam and can touch the shivling, but a man had to enter garbh griha without any cloth on upper body and Females are not allowed in temple without duppata electricity 220 volts wiring/ Chunni. Saree is the dress code but no issues with salwar kurta but dupatta is mandatory (in free Darshan also same electricity and circuits class 6 questions rules were followed for females). Group of 5-6 Entered the garbh griha for abhishekam and Pujari asked all to sit around the shivling (except front side) and pour the water from all ghada and asked us to rub e suvidha electricity bill lucknow the shivling. and then he did the deepak in front of Shivling and asked Gautra of every one and pronounced some shloks and completed the pooja and gave us charanamrita. (Tip: If any one hp gas online registration wants to offer Flower/ bilwapatra/ rice on shivling. please take these item in your hand/ fist. when you touch the shivling, offer these on shivling. Don’t give these to the pujari outside the garbhgriha. But in devi temple you may offer these electricity voltage in germany to the Loin out side the garbhgriha ) We completed Abhishekam by 8AM and then went to Hotel had breakfast and took bus of 9:20 AM to Hyderabad from Hotel outside and reached Hyderabad (MGBS) by 3:30PM. Really Divine Darshan and nice short Trip.