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I was called on the phone by someone representing herself as being with DTE Energy for an appliance home protection plan. I was given very simple information that sounded attractive. I was told all appliances would be covered and was told, without exception, that I could cancel at anytime and that all major appliances were covered. I was told nothing about their ability/policy to use discretion when fixing an appliance. They have a review policy, I later learned.

About a month or so into my participation in the program, my dishwasher quit working. The warranty company/DTE sent out a repairman who determined there were several problems. I got a call a few days later that the dishwasher would not be repaired, presumably due to the expense. I was outraged because the person on the other end of the phone when I signed up told me nothing of a review policy and that they could choose whether or not repairs would be made. When I called to complain, and cancel participation, I was informed that the contract they sent me, which I had not thoroughly read, nor signed, stated that once a service had been initiated, one could not cancel the program.

3) I am being kept in the program because of a contract I did not sign that states that the contract supersedes all other agreements. This reeks of consumer deception and needs to be stopped. They need to tell people over the phone what the details of this program are. I cannot believe a public utility would behave this way. I am outraged to the point that my whole body is vibrating with anger.

Extremely dissatisfied with this program! A DTE salesperson convinced us to join the DTE Energy Home Protection Plan two years ago. According to the salesperson, the program was supposed to cover service on select household appliances for $38 per month. Knowing most of our appliances were beyond the warranty program it sounded attractive. Subsequently, we had minor issues with a covered refrigerator and a covered washing machine. The issue with the refrigerator occurred in the first year and related to a ice-maker flap that was not properly sealing. DTE communicated ice-makers were not covered but I later heard from a technician we met that they changed their policy to cover them. It was disappointing that DTE did not communicate this directly. I scheduled an appointment and after waiting for three hours for the technician to arrive, he informed me that even though refrigerator ice-makers are now covered, the flap part is not covered. It is approximately a $250 repair. The issue with the washing machine was more recent related to a small tear in the seal for a front-load washing machine. Again I was told the seal repair is not covered even though it is a critical part of a working appliance. Again the repair would cost me ~$250 out of pocket. DTE insists all of the caveats of their program are included in the terms and conditions but their salesperson was not transparent about these exceptions when they engaged us. We feel like we are taken advantage of and have decided to quit the program. We paid over $750 in program costs and received zero benefit.

My problem with DTE and this APP program is this… I was signed up and paying $15/mo through my DTE bill for just the Furnace/Water Heater plan. Then in April I had a problem with my furnace. They came out, spent an immense amount of time on it, but finally got it fixed. When I received my May bill, instead of the $15 service fee for The Plan, I was billed $112.95. I have called and chatted with DTE people…I have talked to several people on the phone (one that said she was a Supervisor)…and they all say they can’t figure out why I was billed for that money, but they will get to the bottom of it and get it straightened out. Several times they told me to call the APP people, and the APP people told me it’s not their problem and I needed to call DTE Billing…back-and-forth I go. Then I had a guy call me from "headquarters" in Detroit (while I was at work) who left me a voicemail saying that he was working on the case and would get it figured out – not to worry he would get to the bottom of it and call me back but said I couldn’t call him back because he didn’t have a direct line yet. That was two weeks ago. In the meantime, DTE sends me payment reminders about my "overdue" payment and if I didn’t pay it soon they were going to drop this service and that service! They say that I now owe them well over two hundred and some dollars. What’s next, can they ruin my credit rating for lack of bill payment?

DTE outsources their non-gas appliance repairs. They denied repairs on my washer twice. My washer was not draining very well. The repairman told me it was probably bad bearings in the drum. When I told him the drum was spinning normally and I suspected it to be something else, he forcefully kept yanking on the drum (I actually think he was trying to break the bearings). He did not know I was watching him and I finally asked him to stop yanking on the drum. He stopped and told me it was definitely bad bearings and it was not covered under the protection plan, but his company could repair it for $425.00. Mind you, he never took the panel off the back or the front of the washer. I requested a service receipt with his diagnosis and said I would think about it (I just wanted him to leave!). I knew it wasn’t the bearings. I called an appliance service company and they came out and took the panel off, removed line going to the pump and cleaned a filter that was plugged up with debris. It took him a total of 10 minutes. I was charged $85.00. I took a picture and wrote to DTE and they reimbursed me the money. What a scam!

Another washing machine repair they said was not covered, the retainer ring that holds the rubber boot in place on a front loader. OMG! That is a simple and easy repair and they said it was not covered! Scammer! I think a class action law suit should be made against them.