Ducted gas heating design questions n gas in paris lyrics

I am in the process of designing and installing my ducted gas heating. Will be installing Braemar TQM632, 935L/sec, 122Mj, 32kW output, 350mm supply and return. All duct will be R1.5, polyester infill as I am not ready to pay x2 for the R1.5 glasswool or about the same price for R2.0 for polyester infill.

1. Now looking at this, you will probably ask why I have only 1 outlet in the living and why I want to install 1 near main entrance door and near entrance from/to the garage. Simple – doors are just normal doors, they do transfer heat in and out so I think it’s a good idea to have a hot air flow around so when you stay close to them you don’t feel like there must be a freezer right behind this door. Living area has a double glazed windows, R4.0 insulation everywhere, so I don’t think another outlet would make any difference…

2. I can’t put heater somewhere else, same for the return air grille. Because – there is……. believe me, just believe me please! …no better options without creating a chaos up in the roof space, costly engineer design and approvals from truss company etc etc etc etc…….. If you still thinking that I am missing something, again, believe me I have installed evaporative aircon already and I know where and what (in terms of loading on timber trusses, bearing etc) can be installed.

Or relevance! It’s a long story. In a very short words – people here asking to get info, someone believes that some technical questions are not permitted here because they will lead to a dodgy DIY work….. maybe that someone more worrying about his pocket and that more educated people (even through a word of mouth) will stop using tradies with their licences…

1. I had a customer with almost the same question. Reason – he sourced (after my confirmation) wire from a local auction, I charged him for a labour and a power point but not for the wire. He believed he saved a fortune even if this fortune is only $10 or $20. But I made his day, he coming back every now and then, but I can’t understand his savings as 2/3 of that 100m roll sits in his shed… he says till next house/project, well WHATEVER, why not???????

2. I had a customer… his aircon guy told him to run 1.5mm from the switchboard to an isolation switch. He was shocked with an invoice I gave him, because he was not able to double check (let’s say here, on-line, or somewhere else on-line) in the first place if 4mm is correct or I just installing unnecessary big cable for his small aircon. Yeah, it looks small, but 4mm is a squeeze if you go by a standard, I knew that 6mm would probably make him screaming, but now he won’t be able to upgrade his aircon without upgrading the wire and an isolation switch. But his mate "aircon guy", I am 100% sure! will whack a bigger unit, because he reckons 1.5mm is big enough for a current unit. The thing is – customer can’t check if me or aircon guy taking him for a ride or if me or aircon guy just a sort of a tradie, knowing nothing or something and calculating wires and aircon size by pointing finger to the moon. Why? Well because in places like this he will get a great advice – "mate, what the problem talking with your sparky? your plumber? your aircon guy? why not contact a professional?…"

So how do you check if your professional is a professional? Or do you guys have enough money to throw $5K and try this one or that one? which one would you like, the one with a short legs or the one with a long beard? How do double check them, by licence? number gives you everything?))) or clean or dirty fingernails? what is a best criteria to check a tradie? none!…. IMHO get second opinion, get 3rd, get 4th, get 5th…. until you are happy. But it’s a bit stressful for a small business driving around giving quotes and getting nothing, isn’t it? so many questions so many thing to clear, I hope I am not overloading anyone with my message))))))

I am not saying that here you will get 100% best info, accurate info or good advice, but at least something, and it’s free. And you can make real friends, find real people etc etc. But someone says "no, we can’t tell you, because we know for sure, you gonna whack it in yourself………call you plumber mate and stop asking about pipe diameter!!!"