Duke basketball zion williamson could own shoe company electricity electricity goodness


Williamson, the ACC Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year as of Monday, is a mere 18-year-old with season averages of 21.6 points, 8.8 rebounds gas leak los angeles, 2.2 steals, and 1.8 blocks while shooting an insane 68.3 percent from the field. He has been out of action because Nike failed him. His blown-out left shoe left him with a mild right knee sprain on Feb. 20 less than a minute into Duke’s first of two losses to UNC.

No need to talk to teams or show up for the combine at the end of May — not worthy of his time. No need to listen to agents blabber — no use to him considering essentially everything about him sells itself and does all the negotiating for him. No need to talk to other apparel companies — they will soon be, like the NCAA is now, the sole enemy whose sole goal is to limit his electricity hair stand up earnings as much as they can get away with while maximizing their own profits (besides, any of the big-name companies would be more than happy to be his backup plan if his business plans went awry).

He should use the months of April and May to seal the perfect partnership grade 6 science electricity multiple choice test with an investor or investors. Williamson should aim to keep 75 percent of ZION, without putting in a dime, simply because his being the spokesman would be the sole reason millions of actual kids and adult kids would jump at the chance to buy anything with his name on it.

By capping off his college career with a title, Williamson would become — if he isn’t already — the only teenager who has ever been in such a unique position to brand an uber-successful startup shoe/apparel company. His star power far exceeds that of an 18-year-old Michael Jordan. His worldwide influence far exceeds that of an 18-year-old electricity usage calculator spreadsheet LeBron James because 1) Zion jumps higher, 2) Zion smiles bigger, 3) Zion is bigger, 4) Zion is a Duke basketball player, and 5) the phrase “social media” simply referred to a chatty newsroom when LeBron was 18 in 2003.

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Plus, considering Big Baller Brand — a creation resulting from one man’s vision and z gas ensenada telefono financial backing from investors — is still surviving despite no legit stars as endorsers and a brand name that few men over the age of 30 would be caught dead wearing because it’s one of the all-time cheesiest names for an apparel company, ZION should do well.

Dunking after taking off from behind the foul line. Blocking a 3-pointer — to help seal a win on the road against arguably the nation’s best team — after standing about 20 feet away less than a second before the ball left the shooter’s hand. Maintaining humility and sanity despite having a name that has appeared in seemingly every headline in existence since his arrival at Duke.

Look, more power and best wishes to Williamson if he doesn’t win a title for Duke or, even if he does, decides to go the other route and sign with Nike, Adidas gas tax oregon, Puma, Under Armour, or even Big Baller Brand. If he does talk to those companies, though, he should at least claim he’s considering starting his own company to aid his negotiations.

Ball Durham just wants to make clear the options for the once-in-a-lifetime Blue Devil while offering more incentive — even la gasolina cancion if he obviously doesn’t need it — for him to further advance the popularity of his name by flooring it the rest of March and into April in order to help deliver nets from Minneapolis to Durham on the morning of April 9.