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This is my second year renting from Dunmore Exclusives LLC at their 22 Terrace St apartment complex. My first year I lived with a roommate. We asked the landlords (who you never see/meet except to sign the lease which they make you drive all the way to Scranton for, wait outside until they greet you and then sit you in a shady conference room) several times over the course of the year to fix our peeling bathtub which made it impossible to bathe in . We never received any assistance. Once my roommate moved out I decided to move up a floor in the same building ONLY because they allowed pets and offered free WIFI. I was promised the apartment would be painted before I moved in. It was not. The Wifi magically does not connect on the third floor and when I ask them about the problem the say "we will let our tech dept. know." It’s always a complete run around with them. They are clueless as to who you are and what repairs you need.

I am currently without electricity in my apartment. The day the fuse box broke I tried replacing the fuse with no avail. I let them know and they carelessly told me to leave a key outside and someone would be over to look at the problem. No one ever came. I had to ask several times before a contractor came. He could not fix the problem and I was told he would inform the office to send an electrician. It will be a week tomorrow that I am without electricity and every time I contact the landlords I am told they will "let me know" when they have updates. I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO GO A WEEK WITHOUT ELECTRICITY! I will never rent from Dunmore Exclusives again. Half of their buildings are in horrible condition and falling apart. I wonder when the last time a contractor actually looked at the building to see if it was safe to live in.

I rented off of this company since 2010. I read all of the other reviews, and I seriously think half of them are probably people who owe money. I have even been able to transfer apartments inside their company without any issues, and they have always been friendly and professional. I am surprised by the other reviews honestly. I am writing this review because I feel they deserve some credit in a positive direction after seeing this page.

I’ll also add that there was one situation where I lost my job temporarily, and although it didn’t stop them from filing for eviction, they kept their word, which is something fewer and fewer people do, and they worked with me and even helped me fill out paperwork to help me recover from the situation I was in.

Were they ever slow with a work order? Yes – there was a time I had an issue with my refrigerator – and they took about a week to get it done. There was a part that needed to be ordered (I know because it was delivered to my door to speed things up), and the order date on the shipping receipt inside was the day I called them the first time.

I seriously think a lot of people expect the world for nothing and want to post angry reviews about it on-line when everything isn’t 100% perfect. My rent has always been fair; all of my utilities are included except electric which makes the rent actually way below what I was paying before I moved here; and they’re pretty much on point and have a full-time person to answer phone calls if you have issues. I’m giving five stars.

All over their forms this company says "Quality Management and Beautiful Locations Together At last" I would really like to know their definition of "quality". Every single time I dealt with the management it was a DISASTER. The apartment I moved into had been renovated in the months leading up to my move in date. When I was supposed to move in, not only did the office manager think I was just doing a "walk through" but the renovations were NOT done. Almost all of the windows in the apartment were broken. I immediately filed for a work order, which was not even addressed until two months later and when it was finally addressed it took another month to get one of the three broken windows fixed. The worst part is that this delay was not because of negligence, it was because of a complete inability for the office employees to communicate with not just their contractors, but each other as well. On top of this they said on their advertisement "Free wifi available" and that the cable provider was Comcast…neither of these are true. The apartment I’m in is beautiful, but every step I’ve tried to make to cooperate with this company has been agonizing. They are also frequently do not answer their office phone, rarely return calls, and when they do return your call they don’t even check the message you left with them. Pretty apartments, absolutely non existent management.