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GreyWolf or anyone else who may have helpful information, links, etc. I am 100% sure my 16 year old nephew has Dyscalculia. I have never heard of anything but Dyslexia my childhood friend had it. But until my 9 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD and his teacher is still grasping at straws and is so wonderful she stumbled upon Dysgraphia and it is my son 100% with the schools help we are looking into help for him. But my sisters son has always struggled with math he has been failed and held back in school, teachers calling him lazy,disruption, We new something was wrong I mean he can hardly tell time like a other wise regular teen. But in other areas of life he is soooo smart and a very talented writer since childhood. The school tested him and he passed the test so they would not give him any acedemic help mixed him with the other kids and called him a failure screw up so he began rebelling skipping school,getting with the wrong crowd etc. He is no longer in school and is in trouble with the court system because of some trouble he has gotten into. He has recently decided to go back to school and give it another try.. They rejected him said absolutely not sorry he will not survive it would be like putting a person who could not swim in the ocean. He should get his GED if he could and go on home. This all just happened yesterday and then last night my sister and I got together I was speaking of my sons recent discovery of Dygraphia and that I never heard of such and that there was Dyscalculia and other LDs and she almost cried she said that is her son the discription of Dyscalculia. So we are sad that we found this and he is 16 but my saying is it is never to late … I am going to rally for my nephew and get him try to get him the help to succeed in life that is what led me to this website. WHERE DO WE BEGIN>>

wow stumbling on this forum was like i was reading myself! i am 44…always knew i had a problem with left and right!! directions!! complicated if its more than a few roads) maps are okay until you start driving and find that if you could only stand on your head to follow the road on the map it might work:)anything in ‘unfamiliar territory’ is like my brain enters a tornado!i try to explain to people that facts mean nothing at first, its feeling,totally VISUAL! until the visual connection is made it can be hopeless!eg. if i head up a street and the building is on my left, and for some reason i turn around and head down the street from a different angle im still feeling the building on my left when in fact it is now on the right ughhh! when its actually happening in traffic its real ,scary and very frustrating! but the most crushing thing is when people think you are dumb!!!!….if they could know how hard you are trying to overcome your disability they would be more understanding and patient and helpful!its amazing what a person struggling with these issues can achieve with the wind beneath their wings…some of us just flap our wings different but we can fly just as high <3

I have never been diagnosed with dyscalculia, but I have almost all of the symptoms. What my eyes see and what I read outloud (concerning numbers) are almost always two different things. I have no sense of direction at all, I can barely keep my left and right straight. I just got my license a couple months ago, so yes it is possible to get it, and it should not stop you. However, it can be really difficult sometimes with finding your way around. I don’t know if you have this problem but mine is that I know where I am and I know where I need to go, but I can’t connect the two points. I find it extremely hard to figure out what roads are where and how they all connect, so everytime before I leave my garage I sit there and think first "what side of town am I going to?" Then when I figure that out I try as hard as I can to mentally take myself throughout the route I need to go (I can get out of my neighborhood but after that it gets more difficult). Then I just take on the route little by little trying to put little pieces together with the couple of roads that I do know of. And as far as signs go with the exit numbers and whatnot I found it is best to have someone write it down on a piece of paper and just when I become unsure of the number, just try to focus on them and match them with the numbers on the signs. Overall, you may face some challenges such as the ones I described, but it is not enough to stop you from being able to drive. Just keep calm and take it one step at a time.