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JF:Dizzyingly poetic and evocative of the story inside, all at the same time. Many subtle touches throughout this design. gaz 67b tamiya 1 35 The expert typography, inviting scene, and mysterious red ribbon, fully integrated into the title, combine to create an irresistible cover. Don’t you want to read it? e-Book Cover Design Award Winner for August 2016 in Nonfiction

Aaron L Speer submitted Day Dreamer designed by Deranged Doctor Design. “A true love/romance story that takes place in the midst of a drug war. “Dream State” is developed by the vampires of Sydney to help them dream, but is used with the only substance that can wake activate their brain during the day: werewolf blood. But the pack has yet to find out…”

Alicia Wright submitted Agent Colt designed by Alicia Wright. “This story takes place in Venice, Italy, and one main scene makes use of the canals and gondolas. The money at the top gives an idea to the main motive of the bad guy being investigated. He needs cash. And the rainbow effect lets on to the “gay” romance elements at play throughout the story.”

Alison Hoffman submitted Incite designed by Alison Hoffman. “The protagonist takes many trips down a winding, dirt road. I chose this pic due to the fog indicating the unknown beyond. The curve bends the imagination leading the viewer wondering what lies ahead.The design is clean and uncluttered, the title striking, while the eye is drawn down the road.”

Amanda Taylor submitted Escape from Ancient Egypt designed by Mallory Rock. “The MC Neiko is a Native American warrior from the hidden land of Hawote. She is holding a green time crystal in her hand–the one she was sent back in time with against her will. gas finder app Two worlds, two peoples who have never met before in history (Native Americans and Egyptians) meet for the 1st time.”

Bard Constantine submitted The Darkest Champion designed by Shen Fei. “It was important to keep the same artistic style as the first novel, so I went with the same artist. Additionally, I wanted the fonts to maintain the same theme as well. They were designed by a different artist, who I retained for the second book as well. Overall, I’m very pleased with the results.”

Charlotte Young submitted Ora’s Gold designed by Damonza. “My brief was the image of young woman’s face-leaving room for the reader’s imagination to fill out the details-with an image of a seascape superimposed onto the face. My inspiration was a photo of just such a face but the superimposed image was a highway. It was a great place from which to start.”

David Madison submitted Ms. Spinster’s Novel Grammar: More Novel Yet Her Punctuation, Spelling, Style . . . designed by David Madison. “A marriage of fiction and nonfiction; grammar and glamour; poetry and prose; comedy and tragedy, Ms. Spinster’s overarching theme is duality. Submitted as nonfiction, I might as justifiably have submitted it as fiction. The design is my own, artfully rendered by Tatiana Vila of Vila Design.”

JF:It’s always hard to categorize books like this, and because it uses a fictional story as its foundation, we’ve put in the fiction category. Of course, the problem with that is the cover looks like nonfiction, not fiction. In addition the design is choppy, hard to read, and harder to make sense of. gas weed I suggest going with a professional book cover designer to come up with something that does a better job of communicating.

Dawné Dominique submitted Veterans’ Affairs designed by Dawné Dominique. “The author requested a specific design for this particular book, so I attempted to come as close as possible to his wishes, but at the same time, incorporating a touch of my own design by creating a unique perspective of intrigue through the use of color, font placement, and the photograph.”

Francine Platt submitted Cajun Justice designed by Francine Eden Platt. “My first submission — a fun cover to work on! Here are the credits: Book Cover Design: Francine Eden Platt, Eden Graphics, Inc. Illustration: Brian C. Hailes Original photo of snake: Daniel Rosenberg Fonts: Parlour (title font) and Sony Sketch EF (author font) Thank you for your consideration!”

Heather Gilbert submitted Out of Circulation designed by Deranged Doctor Design. “I worked with Milo at Deranged Doctor to capture the West Virginia locale of this romantic suspense series. The hopeful, yet suspenseful feel was well-captured and the gorgeous skies and mountains really tie the 3 covers together (will submit the others as published).”

Intisar Khanani submitted Memories of Ash designed by Jenny Zemanek. “Memories of Ash is a YA Fantasy read, featuring a street thief with a dangerous magical secret. physics c electricity and magnetism study guide In this book, Hitomi is learning to cope with having burnt away her memories but is coming into her own. She also happens to meet a real phoenix. So, the cover design centered around the firebird motif.”

Jacklyn Wilson submitted Sunborn Rising: Beneath the Fall designed by Safronoff. “Cover art by the Chief Creative Officer of the publishing company Neoglyphic Entertainment. The cover depicts the main character’s tail hinting that she’s not human. The leaves are representative of the alien natural world and the dark swarm of insects foreshadow the evil she must battle.”

Jeffrey Collyer submitted Dreams and Shadows designed by Jeffrey Collyer. “This is the second cover for this book. I loved the first – almost exactly how I had pictured it in my mind, and I had several comments on how good it looked. But it just didn’t look great at thumbnail size. v lab electricity It wasn’t eye-catching enough. So I went back to the drawing board and this is the result.”

John Byrne Barry submitted Wasted: Murder in the Recycle Berkeley Yard designed by John Byrne Barry. “Though I’ve been a designer for decades and have designed annual report covers and web banners and maps, I’d never done a book design until this one. I tried some designs with bales of aluminum, but the recycle logo just seemed to be the strongest and simplest.”

JF:This is a very common situation in which a skilled graphic designer brings those skills into book cover design which is much more tied to conventions. Obviously the designer is skillful, but the big fail is that the book looks like nonfiction or a corporate publication, and has no trace of what must be the excitement and drama in the story.

Katie Preston submitted Idle Mojo designed by Katie Preston. “”Idle Mojo” is a novel that follows Miranda Bennett across a series of days. She is a witch, and a large part of the plot centers around her magical talents, and an enchanting garden. I wanted this cover to be eye catching, but with a classic, clean feel, with a hint of magic about it.”

Lisa Kosier submitted Delusion designed by Flyleaf Studios “The story line of the book is set around a bar called Delusion. The author wanted the reader to feel like the characters and bar were familiar and something they could relate to. We chose to put the focus on a night setting and from the perspective of standing outside of the bar.”

Mark Carver submitted Nikolai the Penitent: A Novel of the Brotherhood of the Cross designed by Ramon Puasa, Jr.. “I (the author) came up with the concept and sent a simple sketch to the designer, who knocked it out of the park. The book is set in medieval Germany during the Black Death plague, and the cover captures the grim atmosphere and brutal violence of the story.”

Pippa DaCosta submitted Hidden Blade #1 Soul Eater designed by Rebecca Frank Art. “The brief was simple. Tough guy urban fantasy with ancient Egyptian elements in a contemporary setting. At least, my designer made it look easy. This cover encompasses the gritty, darker feel of my urban fantasy portfolio, but also promises action/adventure, and of course, magic.”

Steven Whibley submitted 6th Grade Revengers: Cat Crimes and Wannabes designed by Pintado. “The series is about two 11-year-old boys who want to be professional ‘fixers’ and how might go too far from time to time. I asked Pintado for a design structure that could both point to the target audience (9+ year olds) and have replicated elements across all the books in the series.”

tony dargis submitted Hide and Panic Stations ( Super Speed Sam Book 1 of 12) designed by Tony Dargis “I have a very shy illustrator. gas company I receive the separated components from them, which I then use to compose the cover “sketch.” This is #1 in a series of 12 books – each book has the same “stamp” – but the cover “sketch” and colour of each cover is different, giving a glimpse into the story”

Tracy Bryan submitted Put Away Your Phone! designed by David Barrow (Illustrator). “In the cover, David has illustrated what the book is about, an up close shot of what the main character looks like and he has also and given a little teaser of what action is to come. I believe all of these elements prompt the reader to want to turn the page to see more.”

William Bahlke submitted Popular Demand designed by Lothar Speer. “The book cover features a washed up, small town, TV talk show host, Wally Wannabe, his flamboyant girlfriend, Manny Thymes, and their pretentious cat, Nookie. I wanted the cover to reflect the light-hearted nature of this political satire and create an intrigue that would lure potential readers.”

Angie Stegall submitted Make Some Room: Powerful Life Lessons Inspired by an Epic 16-day Colorado River Rafting Trip Through Grand Canyon designed by Pixel Studio “The photo was taken by my husband during our 2013 Grand Canyon trip (which is what the book is about). Instead of using a generic GC photo, we felt it added a personal element to the book to use his photo. I also had a chapter contributed by a non-profit advocacy group and wanted to give them credit”

Ben Emesowum submitted Police Violence: Understanding Its Basic History, Causal History, Health Consequences, and Prevention Strategies designed by Benedict Emesowum. “Although police violence affects mostly African Americans, the cover image depicts a Caucasian. The “O” in police is nicely substituted with a police hat; a Baton represents the ” L”; and rain drops of “blue” bullets represents the overkill suffered by many victims in a rain of police bullets.”

Christopher Scott submitted A Course In Miracles In Sight: A Guide For The Visual Learner designed by Christopher R Scott “The two figures (by Robert Scott, illustrator of hand-drawn artwork) are depicted as if they are viewing the ego mind’s dreams of separation from Heaven. Included is a quotation (in italics) from “A Course In Miracles” such that the cover is a typical example of the many diagrams in the book”

Janice Cumberlidge submitted Clean Eating Recipes For Strength And Fitness designed by Janice Cumberlidge “I designed this cover in Photoshop. The heart-shaped food bowl is a cut-out from one of the recipe photographs in the book and the fitness couple a stock photo. I used a bold font to ensure the main title was readable at Amazon thumbnail size and went through a few iterations to end up with this.”

Matthew Miller submitted Movement: A 40 Day Spiritual Journey designed by Matthew S. Miller “Movement is a 40 day spiritual devotional which opens readers to their journey of faith by challenging them to choose compassion and movement in a complex and apathetic world. electricity news australia The book inspires and equips readers to journey away from self and nearer the heart and mission of God.”

Raj Badal submitted Systems: Brains of Corporations designed by Raj Badal. “This book cracks the mysteries of maintaining complex systems using evolution of systems, business fundamentals, secrets of Investment Banking trading systems, complexities of the brain and immune systems, and 200+ creative artworks. The cover summarize the book’s content with brain & corporations.”

Tanya Freedman submitted Love, Care and Share designed by Creative Hummingbird Results & Woven Red. “Tom Herstad commissioned Paul Morin for a painting which we then designed into a warm and inviting cover. The butterflies represent the author’s protagonists; his parents, and the generous souls and the stories which the author now shares with the world.”