E.leclerc purchases ris inkcenter® inkjet cartridge refill equipment mp electricity bill payment online indore


" Jérôme and his team have been excited about and supportive of our partnership from the very beginning. They all see the benefit of offering another cost savings service to their customers, inspiring them to keep coming in and shopping at E.Leclerc. The ink cartridge refill service appeals to the French market by offering a high quality, low cost, and eco-friendly solution to the ever-increasing price of branded inkjet cartridges. With the refilling solution on site at the store, it is extremely convenient for every customer," said Vincent Hormovitis, Vice President Sales & Business Development at RIS.

" We have chosen the RIS InkCenter® to create and offer a new service for our customers. Always looking for solutions for how to save money for customers and bring quality at the same time, the InkCenter® has been very quickly adopted by both our customers and our team; twelve employees are trained on the machine. The InkCenter® is an eco-friendly and innovative system that also enables the recycling of ink cartridges, giving many new lifecycles to branded ink cartridges and we liked that! Easy to manage on a daily basis, the InkCenter® has become an additional asset in the growing ink consumables market, " declared Jérôme Pescay, General Manager, "Espace Culturel" E.Leclerc, Mont de Marsan.

RIS President & CEO, David Lenny added, "We very much value our relationship with E.Leclerc and are pleased to make the announcement that RIS and E.Leclerc are extending our partnership into a new long-term agreement. Since the RIS InkCenter® refill trial program began at select E.Leclerc store locations in France over a year ago, we have seen the initiative grow quickly into a very successful inkjet refill business. Consumers appreciate the cost savings and feel good about helping the environment by re-using their own cartridges. This new arrangement will ensure we can continue to deliver our high quality ink refill experience to E.Leclerc customers at much lower prices than purchasing new cartridges."

Retail Inkjet Solutions, Inc. (RIS) is the industry leader in retail on-site inkjet cartridge refilling services. The patented RIS InkCenter® kiosk is deployed in more than 670 participating retail locations across the United States, Canada, Europe and Mexico – including at Costco Wholesale, Sam’s Club, E.Leclerc, Auchan, Cora, Intermarché, Fry’s Electronics, Saturn, and select University Bookstores. RIS provides customers with unmatched quality while delivering savings of up to 70%. The InkCenter® kiosks integrate seamlessly into retail environments, delivering a great customer experience. RIS was founded in 2004 by former HP engineers motivated to create a better printing solution for customers at a lower price, and is headquartered in Carlsbad, California. For more information, visit www.Go2RIS.com.

E.Leclerc is a major French cooperative hypermarket retail chain, headquartered in Ivry-sur-Seine. It was established in 1948 and with 681 stores across seven countries in Europe, it is the leading distributor in France. The company provides household goods, consumer electronics, apparel, food and beverage distribution, automobile service centers and gasoline, cafeterias, jewelry shops, logistics centers, pharmacies, and travel stations. The chain enables semi-independent stores to operate under the E.Leclerc brand. The brand achieved a turnover of €37.3 billion in 2017. The members of the E.Leclerc consortium share the same mission: to enable everyone to live better by spending less, thanks to innovative and responsible initiatives, by offering comparable quality at the lowest prices. Many of the larger E.Leclerc hypermarkets have a separate entertainment and multimedia section, under the name of Espace Culturel. Founded in 1995, with 215 locations the Espace Culturel of E.Leclerc is a main player in the distribution of cultural goods in France. The brand is constantly looking for greater accessibility to cultural goods, through geographical zoning, pricing strategy and ambitious product offerings.