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I had a Zionsville Radiator and all Power Steering reservoir and hoses installed by somewhat new indy, all went well except my angel eyes weren’t reconnected and i heard a clickity clack that ended up being from a loose waterpump pulley and there was a very small drop of who knows what that I wish that I never said anything about (but I did tell them that I didnt want the car back with anything leaking). Took car back immediately after hours drop off and the next morning they told me that the waterpump pulley was the noise and that I definitely had a big leak and that they needed to pull the transmission to investigate. I reluctantly said ok and the next day I get a call to come down and I just wanted to kill over from what I saw. My Lion was in pieces and dissected as if open heart surgery under the hood. They had taken the intakes off etc, you name it. Im sick just typing this out. Talking about a valley pan leak…I did not authorize anyone to do anything under the hood. I should have been called down to look immediately once tranny was out and I would have remembered that….I ran the heat while I drove it back to dropoff, which for some reason in my car has always left a silver dollar or small tea cup saucer size leak. But I would just topoff the coolant every other day during colder months. Only leaked like that in winter and only when car was turned off, never while it was being driven. Okay, My apologies for the long background VENT… Now they say that they only took computers out and did not disconnect them. All i know is that when they said it was ready for pickup, they couldnt get throttle or they lost throttle EML, they called the local computer car guy that goes around to all INDY shops and he got the throttle back somehow via computer. But still had check engine light on. I finally took car and got it home and diagnosed it myself so I THINK… Low and behold… My DMEs were crisscrossed wired…what I mean is 3 black and 2 gray connected to the master DME in the back and 3 gray and 2 black connected to the slave DME in the front. And they say they cant get the secondary pump to work or come on even after I bought them a new one to install. I think that somehow the computer guy coded or forced the car to work/Run very smoothly even with the DME wired very incorrectly. I thought, hey this is wrong because its always from my limited knowledge BLACK in the back (master) and GRAY in the front (slave) no interracial or mixing of the colors…lol when connecting the DME. I wired it all up correctly and even swapped DMEs just incase they swapped them around and no matter whicg was master or slave the car would barely start and when it did…..It sounded very horrible, like a transformer being hit by a few of Megatrons laser rounds. It would run fro a bit and die. I put it back in CrissCross as stated above and it ran smooth. drove it to fill up on fuel and lost throttle when I restarted and I did the EML sync 5 on and 5 off and key off 10sec restart and all good…. I know that My DMEs are wired wrong. I just need someone here to assist with BMW documentation so that I can show him proof. I cant pass emissions test because secondary air pump cant get the command because of miswired DMEs….*****PLEASE HELP***** I need photos and etc and all feedback. Havent driven my car since December 15th. Todah/Thanks to all in advance….