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I’ll tell you, some people, just mix in about 10-20% of E85, a couple gallons during fillup and don’t do anything else to the car, no retune specifically for it, no bigger injectors or faster fuel pump, they just monitor AFR and injector duty cycle, you don’t want injector duty cycle to be about 90% or higher, especially 100 or higher overwise you will run lean electricity and circuits class 6 questions, causes engine damage then

People will say how E85 is corrosive and eats away at rubber and such, well let me tell you, that is a huge myth started by Big OIL to scare people away from using it, I know people who have Flex Fuel Compatible vehicles who won’t run it because someone at the dealer told them not to because they’ve heard bad things about it, that’s all r gas constant chemistry political bull from the BIG OIL

Cars ever since the 90’s and especially 2000’s+ were made to withstand at least 10% ethanol fuel content in their fuel systems, so do manufacturers build cars that are only going to withstand 10% ethanol concentration in fuel so that it pushes it to it’s limits? No, especially good manufacturers, they build the tolerances to ethanol concentrations in the fuel systems to MUCH higher than just 10%, in order to protect the car and make it able withstand much higher concentrations of ethanol over the commonly found 10% concentration in regular fuel anyway

As far gas in oil mower as mixing it with E87, there would be no benefit. Remember Octane is an Anti-Knock Index. Increasing the Octane of Fuel does not make it more Potent or Powerful. The higher the Octane the MORE resistant it is to combustion. You need higher compression to get Higher Octane fuels to burn. You need to be tuned for alcohol and built electricity shock in the body for alcohol to get the power benefit.

Mixing E85 (which now can vary from E51-E83) with 87 E10 in attempt to make cheap premium fuel will result in less power output from a stock GT engine compared to running E10 93 octane premium. A gallon of whatever blend of 87 E10 and E85 results in 91-93 octane will have significantly more alcohol per gallon and as a result less thermal energy than a gallon of e10 Premium Gasoline. You electricity voltage in germany will also experience worse fuel economy with the addition mixing of E85 and that would negate any cost savings. Flex Fuel Vehicles factory designed to run on E85 still get worse fuel economy on E85 than they electricity lesson plans 8th grade do on E10. Lots of published car mag tests out there on that subject.

You seem convinced the E85 won’t hurt your Eclipse fuel system. To test if you get an improvement or save money is easy enough. Gradually keep adding a percentage until it starts running poorly. Baseline your vehicle on E10. Then Start with 1/2 gallon E85 to known repeatable quantity E10- 10 gallons keeps the percentage math simple , run it till empty. (keep spare gas with you). Track miles driven. Add 1gallon E85 to 10 gallons repeat. Keep doing that. Unless you run the same route every tank won’t be 100% comparable mileage but you will know at what ratio you can run before gas in back your tune can’t adjust for it. You will also have data to determine if its worth it. Keep a spare fuel filter handy and tools to change it. You won’t be saving the environment even if you manage to get your Eclipse to run straight E85. The difference in CO2 emissions is negligible. Your fuel ortega y gasset la rebelion de las masas economy will also suffer. Don’t agree? Would be happy to review your test results and data.

They have to burn fossil fuels to make the ethanol to save the planet. I am all about renewables but not this one. It is only cheaper because its heavily subsidized. You can feel better that a portion of your tax dollars go to farmers who produce corn for ethanol instead of food and to Ethanol producers whose product would not sell in free market if sold at the real cost needed to make a profit. Google Ethanol Subsidies. Those are not a myth. Imagine if we spent that money on Education and health care. If you want stick it to the man Buying E85 electricity lab activities is putting a swizzle stick in the man’s drink.