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Me, too. My cell phone is a LG NV (older model, from 2 years ago) and I had extreme left ear pain and a headache approximately 2 weeks ago which got worse when I used my phone (I tend to hold phone to my left ear). I didn’t think about it at the time, but I had lost my headset and had been doing the direct phone-to-ear thing for a month before this.

I JUST returned from two weeks in the Bahamas. When I left, it was suggested I shut my cell phone off b/c of exorbitant roaming charges. I did. It’s only been one day that I’ve returned, started using my phone, and the left side of my head is significantly warm to the touch and now my left ear is…not quite aching, but bothersome.

I’ve been seeing more and more blurbs about cancer and cell phones. I’m not saying I (or any of you) have cancer, but I KNOW, without doubt, the heat on the left side of my face and ear pain are not MY IMAGINATION and definitely correlate with my cell phone use. This is concerning me enough that I am going to replace my cell phone (with the hope that it’s just my old one that is causing these symptoms).

Yes I have the same problem too. I was looking for answers on the web and I see I am not the only one. I was in holiday for a month and I was using a different phone (Nokia N95)and I forgot about this problem. When I came back I started using my old phone (Sony Ericsoon V630i) Every time I used it I got a strange filling on both sides of my head/ear relatively.

I have used a computer quiet extensively because that is my job and somehow I always find myself near my PC. I noticed that after one or two hours of use, I was feeling very tired and my neck/back nerves very tense. My legs where also getting very cold from the powerful PC ventilation. I realised I could have probably breathed a lot of dust from it as well. Not healthy for sure.

AS soon as I was going away from it and relaxing in a bed for sometime I was fine. The worse was when I used my PC in my bedroom. I realised I was breathing that polluted air even on my sleeping time. I tried to work with my window open; it helped but to an extent. Before I knew I had sinus problems.

I read all the comments posted here with great concern. I just started developing a pain in my left ear – where I normally place my Blackberry Curve. Most of my calls are short. I really don’t like to talk on the cell phone because of the microwave issue etc. I have notice a pressure build in my ear after spending time on the cell. No ringing sensation though. But the other day I was on the cell phone for one hour straight. Immediately after the call I started to develop a sharp pain in the front of my earlobe. It has lasted for days now. I was thinking it was my type of cell phone but after reading the comments poster here I am not longer sure if it is the Blackberry Curve or not. I had a Treo 600 and 700p but the got so hot I stopped using them but I never had this type of pain before. I hurts to press on the area infront of my ear. It really has not subside. Based on comments here I am not going to start holding the phone on my right side, that’s for sure. Instead I will always use my headset.