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– We only had 3 hours in total… My boyfriend electricity and magnetism physics and I decided to book the early access tour for 3 reasons. 1)The good reviews about this tour. 2) The early access feature that would allow us to avoid the crowd and the burning heat. 3) So that we could still enjoy the rest of the day doing some other activity. Pros: It was really great having Frank as a tour guide. He’s upbeat and fun. He’s also very knowledgable about the Mayan history and culture, which made the visit both interesting and gas in back symptoms enjoyable. Cons: – Extremely early pick up time from Playa del Carmen (4:15am) – The bus that picked us up was 20 min late (it matters when it’s THAT early) – We were driven to a gas station near Cancun and were told to wait for our tour gas oil ratio units bus there – We were told that we could buy snacks /use washrooms from the convenience store (at the gas station) while waiting for our tour bus. There was no real food to buy as it was way too early in the morning, only junk – The tour bus arrived at 6:15am (we had been waiting there gas vs electric oven since 5:35 am (apparently someone had overslept!?) – We were finally given breakfast while boarding the bus. Breakfast consisted of a tasteless ham and cheese sandwich, an apple juice that tasted more like sugar than apple and a tiny piece of chocolate. – We only electricity production in chad had 3 hours in total at Chichen (2 hours with Frank and only 1 free hour to visit by ourselves, which barely gives you time to do anything more than visiting the rest of the ruins) – Rush Rush back not to miss the bus that was scheduled to leave at 11:25 – If you want to take advantage of the rest of the site, forget about lunch or food; you barely have time for q card gas station that! – It took us 3 hours from the time we left Chichen to get back to our resort. We had to stop near Cancun to get a shuttle bus back to Playa (it would have been wiser to get the shuttle from where the road splits in two; one direction towards Cancun and the other one towards Playa. But no, the longer road was a better option for some reason.) On top of that we were dropped last even though our resort was the gas vs diesel towing closest! – still on an empty stomach since 6:30am! – Back to our resort, starving and so exhausted that we spent the rest of the afternoon vegetating! Conclusion: Yes you avoid the crowd. Yes you avoid the heat (until 10 or so) but we were really disappointed electricity and circuits ppt by the fact that we spent more time on the bus that on the site. There should be some kind of lunch snack at least. It’s not OK to be on an empty stomach for 9 hours! More Show less

This is something my girlfriend and I enjoyed doing and looked forward to. The shuttle picked us up like 8am and headed on route to Chichén Itza. This ancient ruins gas x strips after gastric sleeve of Mayan pyramid is a site to behold. The grounds we flooded with tourist since it is a famous attraction. The tour guide was fun, engaging and very informative. This guy knows electricity history united states his way around the grounds and his history. He sound like he was reading from an encyclopaedia but he wasn’t.. souvenirs were readily available everywhere. The vendors were all trying so hard to sell all these small replicas and paraphernalia associated with Chichén Itza gas vs electric dryer. We took so many pictures to add to our memory banks. Full day of site seeing since on the way to the pyramid we stopped at this Mayan village where we meet the high priest who blessed our passage in his language. It was a massive commercial property that was carded towards selling their souvenirs in a bid to raise money for a school they want to build. This was part of the tour. We stayed there 45 minutes. Then we went to lunch at another remote area since at this time it was already q gases componen el aire noon. Lunch was included and of course buffet style. The selection was ok not the best we’ve had but we were thankful. We even had two margaritas to accompany the meal. The sun was blazing hot at the site of the pyramid. I live in the Caribbean but I’ve never felt the sun that hot. Luckily we had bottle water to keep us hydrated. Visit here for sure but ensure you have a good gas bloating diarrhea supply of bottled water, a hat to protect your face from the scorching heat of the sun and rent an umbrella as you enter where they scan your tickets for admission electricity wiki. I was offered a chance to rent one but refused and regretted it shortly after as the heat was a bit too much at some points that my girlfriend and I had to stop few times to catch the shade of the nearby trees…