Early rising on chautauqua lake fog and snow morning gas variables pogil


It’s 7:15 and I have been awake for an hour. I can barely make out Long Point because of the fog and wet snow, a black and white morning on the lake. electricity and magnetism review It’s just above freezing, thus the wet snow and we may get an inch of whiteness this morning. If it continues snowing, I am going kayaking. And I did, loving it heading south, not so much so coming home with the wind, wet snow, and fog.

Well, it’s a Tuesday morning, and Jill’s family arrives tomorrow, Thanksgiving, the next day and we are excited. Yesterday was more of prepping for Thanksgiving, for three days of family. gas key staking I could not pass up an early morning paddle because the lake was so calm and inviting. I was not out long because I had to leave for yoga at 9:00 and have breakfast and finish the blog before I left. The class was good because Danielle is back, after a week at a yoga retreat in Costa Rica. grade 9 static electricity test After class, stopped at Ryders, ran into Joe from our Thursday morning coffee group. He had spent the weekend on a porch with a gun in Pennsylvania, hoping to see a deer. Little luck but plenty of good bourbon. I then did a mega shopping tour of Wegman’s once again, as buying for the holidays, getting all the good things, never seems to end. gas zone edenvale The store was crowded as everyone was hoping to avoid the Tuesday or Wednesday rush for Thanksgiving.

When I got home, Evie was going crazy, the kitchen something out of Animal House. She had put together our dinner, tas kebab, a Turkish stew with allspice and tomato paste. gas and bloating after every meal And she had started two soups, the favorites of our two granddaughters, Hayden and Halle. And she had my lunch ready, tuna melts with tomatoes and had pulled out a carton of chicken noodle soup to go along with the sandwiches. I had a doctor’s appointment at 1:15, so I was back on the road at 1:00. electricity trading jobs I had a quick check of my sore neck and ear but all seemed fine. On the way home, I stopped at Tops to pick up the groceries I forgot when I went to Wegman’s in the morning. By 3:00, the kitchen was semi-clean, soups were made, dinner was set and Evie’s was sitting down for the first time all day. 100 gas vs 10 ethanol I tried to nap after shopping but just read, then watched some of the breaking news on CNN.

Around 4:30, I went out to fill the bird feeders, then took a hike up our hill, then along the waterfront, about a half hour of exercise, avoiding the woods because of deer hunters. Who knows for sure where they sit, where they hunt and I know our woods often have deer. We have our preprandial routine down pretty well after close to ten years of retirement although we have changed seats lately, sitting around the fireplace, enjoying a libation and snacks, still, however, with a view of the lake,

Tas kebab is one of my favorite dinners, especially when it’s served on top of mashed potatoes. I had two helpings, left enough for today’s lunch. gasbuddy nj We watched Colbert, then the new series from HBO called MY BRILLIANT FRIEND, based on the novel with the same name. It’s stunningly filmed, set in Naples in the 1950’s. We ended the night watching the exciting first half of the Chiefs/Rams game before going up to bed.