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Brendan serves as the Director of Training and Development, a role that spans across the country. He is responsible for the training of new employees, as well as their continued education and development. 5 gases emitted from the exhaust pipe Earthworks prides itself on employing the most educated and knowledgeable staff in the industry. While possessing the minimum qualifications has become the norm amongst its contemporaries, the minimum is merely the baseline at Earthworks. electricity load profile Brendan ensures that the company standard is met and maintained amongst its employees and divisions as the company grows throughtout the nation. He is based in the company’s flagship state of Arizona, but divides his time amongst New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Florida, and Texas.

Brendan returned to the Valley of the Sun in 2014 as an Environmental Program Specialist with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. Since joining the private sector in 2014, he has applied his extensive government experience to assist companies in navigating through the complexities of environmental regulation. gas hydrates Brendan possesses more than 12 years of wide-ranging environmental compliance experience.

Aaron has completed hundreds of due diligence projects including ASTM E1527-05/13 and AAI compliant Phase I Environmental Site Assessment’s (ESA) at sites ranging from agricultural properties to active and closed commercial and industrial facilities primarily focused on manufacturing operations. He has completed dozens of limited compliance reviews that assessed a review of plans, permits, policies and procedures at industrial facilities for compliance with applicable air, storm water, waste water, chemical reporting, and universal and hazardous waste rules and regulations. He is also knowledgeable regarding ASTM E2600 vapor encroachment condition elements.

Phase II ESA experience includes field sampling and regulatory reporting related to hazardous substance and petroleum contaminated sites. He is knowledgeable regarding free product recovery, UST system closure sampling, soil boring and monitoring well installation, groundwater sampling and monitoring, PCB chip and wipe sampling, and indoor air and sub-slab soil gas sampling.

Hilary Goodine is an outgoing, loving person from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Four years ago she relocated to sunny Arizona following her year abroad in Scotland. la gasolina During her time abroad she built her love for traveling and getting to know people from around the world. gas x ultra strength during pregnancy When returning to Arizona, Hilary completed her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education with specialties in STEM and Environmental Education.

Though she loved her time in the classroom, she grew a greater appreciation for organization, data analysis, and the opportunity to work with people one on one. Hilary is excited to work with Earthworks Environmental while in her free time keeping her passion of working with kids by teaching on sundays and volunteering with a local musical theater group.

Outside of work, Hilary loves socalizing while listening to country music and going dancing. You can also find her outside exploring new places with the people she loves the most. With her adventurous spirit, Hilary is excited to be part of Earthworks Environmental team. gas in back She is confident she will help create a positive experience for both the staff and the clients, as well as use her professional skills to help take Earthworks Environmental to the next level. Close