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We stayed at Vail Lodge from 9th-12th went Aug. On arrival the staff at reception were very friendly, From reception we went to get our ski rental in which I felt the guy helping us was rather cheeky and not so friendly. We then went to our room. Our room sleeps 2-5 people. I felt it most definitely could not sleep 5 but most probably a max of 3. The rooms were really tiny and had only 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. Maintenance was the biggest factor. Our light in the bedroom electricity games online free did not work but figured it needed a new light bulb. My boyfriend went to reception to complain about the light and by the 2nd time the lady at reception replied we have more things to worry about by the 3rd time asking they finally gave us a light bulb in which we had to change it which was really not a big big issue. Every time we turned the shower on or off the fitting would come off. The blinds in the bathroom were broken. The coat hangers in the cupboard were broken. A leg from a side pedestal was broken and just shoved into the gas house eggs corner of the room. We could not lock our door as the lock was faulty, in which this worried me a lot as we had valuables in our room. So once again we went to reception and told them about our door is not locking. By the second time we had told them, a maintenance man arrived. He showed us how to then lock the door, in which this took him a good few minutes. So I then complained to him that gas after eating dairy this is not to my convince as it is difficult to lock as the door handle was in fact coming off. I told the man it needs a new lock/door handle can you replace it please? and his reply was no my boss said its to expensive. I was absolutely horrified as we payed a lot of money to stay there and had to book about 9 months in advance as well. I find it quite ironic that they cant afford to put a new door handle on our room but can afford to have Kleenex 2ply labrador puppy toilet paper in our bathroom. Where are the priorities? I will most certainly never stay at Afriski again or recommend it to friends or family. It was most definitely not moneys worth. However the food at the restaurant was good. I will go up again sometime gasbuddy app for a day pass to ski

We stayed one night at Afri Ski after a long road trip. We tavelled from Sani Pass Border to Fouriesburg. We took our time travelling, playing in the snow and viewing Lesotho nature, without knowing how bad the roads were, we ran out of traveling time. 10 o’clock the evening we passed Afri-Ski, we were tired, hungry and needed a hot shower. We stop over at Afri-Ski as this is the only place any tourist can stop-over from the Sani Pass Border. They were fully booked. Luckily, earlier that evening a couple did book out, so the only room available were a dirty used room. Management did go out of their way to accommodate us in the room. The restuarant were already closed but they made gas chamber jokes sure we got hot cuppachino’s on the house while waiting for our room. Unfortunatly this charlet with 2 rooms were very costly. For that price I would think it will be luxury type accommodation. This is the most expensive i have ever paid for any accommodation for one night, the interior were very old and things were broken. It looked like dorm accommodation inside. At least we got a good night sleep and a semi hot shower. The morning we woke up with the most spectacular view. We went down to the restuarant and had a buffet breakfast. The breakfast were outstanding and service good, not expensive at all. We will visit Afri Ski again, to do some skiing, but will get ourself accommodation in Fouriesburg.

We travelled gas engineer salary as a group of 8 adults, 2 children and 1 infant. We stayed from Thursday through to Sunday, 23 Aug – 26 Aug, in the self catering chalet, Motswale. There were 4 beginners, 3 non-skiers and 3 intermediate/advanced skiers in our group. On arrival (12:30pm), our chalet was not ready. We decided to go and get our gear fitted and paid for in the interim. The equipment is in good condition and fairly new. The staff did their jobs with getting us fitted, but weren’t particularly friendly, in my opinion. The equipment hire wasn’t over the top, but not cheap (R495.00 for 2 days), and neither was the ski pass (which we paid R750.00 per person for 3 days). Our chalet was classed as the best in the resort. It had 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. I was irritated with the booking staff, as I was told that 1 unit electricity cost in andhra pradesh all 5 rooms had double beds, when in reality, the 3 upstairs rooms had double beds (one was en suite, the other 2 shared a bathroom with bath and shower),and the 2 downstairs rooms had 2 single beds in each. These rooms also shared a bathroom (shower only) and the rooms themselves were very very small (you were unable to walk between the beds). We were told that there was a TV in the chalet – I asked the booking agents (Natalie and Stefan) if we could bring DVD’s with. I was told that there wasn’t a DVD machine. On arrival, we saw that there was ONLY a DVD player, and the TV actually didn’t work otherwise (no normal channels). I didn’t go there to watch TV, but I was once again irritated that I had asked and been told something different. I also asked if there were braai facilities (I was planning our meals) and told that there were not. On arrival, I saw an old braai at the chalet……..and so it goes table d gaskets on. The chalet itself was smaller than I had thought it would be. It was furnished nicely enough, had a gas fireplace which worked well, electric blankets on all of the beds which were welcome at night. On the whole, I had expected more from a chalet that was supposed to be the superior class in the resort. The chalet was in serious need of maintenance – taps that were loose; gas stoves that electricity towers health risks sometimes worked, sometimes not; chipped glasses and plates; old placemats, couches, pillows etc….. There was a washing machine in the bathroom of the main bedroom and this resulted in a terrible drain smell in there. It did have a lovely view overlooking the slope; a huge dining room table; and the upstairs bedrooms were a decent size. Another irritation was that we were under the impression that the resort made snow regularly when it had not snowed naturally for a while. This is not the case. We arrived on the second last weekend of the season, and informed that they had not made snow for almost 3 weeks, NOR WOULD THEY BE MAKING SNOW FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON. So much for guaranteed snow…. There was snow on the slope, sure, but according to the website, there was 100cm on average. Very difficult to believe when electricity and circuits class 6 ppt there are grass patches coming through all the way down the slope….. There are 3 ski slopes: a training area where lessons take place and beginners can learn; an intermediate slope (around 500 meters with a button lift); and the main slope (1 km with a t-bar lift). The main slope is supposedly classified as a red to begin, going into a blue and finally a green slope. There was something to suit every level of skiing/snowboarding and apparently the ski lessons were very worth-while. I personally enjoyed the main slope (being an advanced skier), but as the weekend progressed, the quality of the snow deteriorated significantly and the grass patches were frustrating to navigate. Also, the t-bar is certainly better s gashi than the button lift, but it takes just over 5 minutes to get to the top – it’s really really long and I feel a chair lift would save time and energy getting up there. But that is possibly something to consider for the future. There is a restaurant and 2 cafe’s/bars in the resort. I cannot comment on the food as we didn’t eat at any of them. 2 local beers, a coke and a Savannah Light cost R84.00 The resort is very vibey, especially at night, there is something going on everyday. It is perfect for 20 – 30 year olds, and it looked like there were some serious parties going on. Would I go again? If we went during July, possibly. It’s not cheap for what you are getting, but as a learning ground for beginner skiers 5 gases that come from car emissions, it doesn’t get better. If you can ski those slopes, you can get down most slopes in Europe. But I’d want to ensure that the chalet’s were maintained a little better before visiting again. A few notes: -It took a leisurely 5 hour drive from Johannesburg to the resort. The directions given on Afriski’s website, whilst not providing distances, are very good. -You should remember to fill up in Fouriesburg on your way in as it’s the last filling station before entering Lesotho. -The resort has cellular service, if you have activated your international roaming. -I would suggest visiting the resort mid to late July, even early August. -Getting through the border was fine. Make sure you have R30 cash to enter Lesotho, and if you have food in your car, don’t make it obvious. The Lesotho authorities are allowed to search your vehicle and make you pay a fee for bringing food z gas el salvador numero de telefono into the country, should they choose to.