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Peter was great and easy to work with. I have dreaded horror stories from renting from the big box rental companies over the last few years and have vowed not to use them again. gas variables pogil key For example, being charged damages-losing deposit for even a small scratch-which was already there, this is just a corporate greed tactic to inflate their prices when you rent thinking that your intial price is good, add insurance, etc. keeps adding up. Peter has full commmercial coverage, I verified this, means you don’t have to pay, just lose your deposit if something were to happen. Very common occurrence today, the big companies are so sneaky. On the other side, the fear of using a small outlet company is also big because the people can skip out, just keep your cash money, etc. Look no further, Peter was upfront and honest, as well as punctual. electricity for dummies pdf The car was very clean, not very powerful, but in all it saved us on gas. Needless, the biggest point was Peter was HONEST TO ME, and that meant more than anything else. electricity voltage in germany He even threw in a couple child seats, which was nice while all other car rental companies charge way too much for a child seat, again reaping extra money for true rental cost they hide. I was sort of paranoid Peter was going to pull something to keep my deposit or something else, he showed up, looked at the car and gave me my funds back. I told him prior to contacting his company I tried using some Russian outfit, who had shown up with an old malfunctioning car from 1990, the steering pump was on the verge of purging out with the rack and pinion-this guy yelled at me and told me I could not look under the hood. I got suspect he rented out old junkers illegally with out a license, insurance, etc. and just take money and run. electricity 220 volts wiring We would have all died on the road; great chance. So, don’t bother looking further or thinking a big box is going to be better-go with Peter and you will be happy you did. gas mask ark THANKS PETER! BTW, this is a good way to see Hua Hin and surrounding areas, such Thailand beauty-cabs, for hires, all too expensive for tourist blood trap money.

Many excellent reviews have been written of the reliable and friendly service provided by Peter / EasyCar Rental. I can stand testimony that they are all true and I felt what else is there left for me to say of the numerous occasions I have rented a car from Peter and there was never ever an issue or disappointment. Then there was this time when I requested Peter for a car to be delivered to Hua Hin Airport at night on the 22 January 2016 as I was then scheduled to arrive from Chiangmai. Peter was apologetic as he couldn’t provide me a car as all his cars have been rented out.However, he assured me he will find me a car from another rental company. electricity bill bihar electricity board On learning that the car is to be delivered to the airport at 1900 hours, the rental company declined to rent me the car giving the reason that the flight into Hua Hin is always delayed and very late in arrival. Here comes Peter to the rescue. He assured me that he will take delivery of the car from the rental company and deliver it to me no matter how late I was to arrive. " "Just give me a call when the flight is about to depart from Chiangmai and I will be there ( Hua Hin Airport ). said Peter. As a customer, I felt greatly indebted to Peter. 4 gas laws I could have been left stranded in the Airport as true enough the flight was very very delayed. I will be back to Hua Hin on the 11 Feb 2016 and again in March 2016. All my requirement for a car has been taken care of — by Peter of course! Thank you Peter!