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Once you are signed up to earn Membership Rewards points, the portal works just like a cash back portal. It even youtube gas station karaoke displays cash back rates rather than points for each offer (and yes, the cash back rates are the same regardless of how you sign up for Ebates). When a store is advertised as earning 5% cash back, you’ll really earn 5 Membership Rewards points per dollar. Even though rates are displayed as cash back, you’ll know that you are signed up for the Membership Rewards option because the Ebates home page says so:

For those new to portals, the basic idea is this: If you’re going to shop online anyway, you can usually earn extra rewards by starting with a portal and clicking through to the merchant you want to shop with. For example power energy definition, in the image above you can see that Ebates was offering 6% cash back at Macy’s at the time I wrote this. If you click through from Ebates to Macy’s and then make a purchase at Macy’s, you would get 6% cash back on your total purchase before taxes and shipping. Often you’ll receive an email within a few hours stating that the purchase was tracked, but it usually takes much longer for the cash back to become payable. Once the cash back is payable, Ebates will pay you, at a date determined by their quarterly payout schedule, either in cash back or Membership Rewards points (depending upon how you signed up).

In addition to online gas after eating meat rewards, Ebates offers bonuses for in-store shopping. You must first electricity for dummies pdf link the credit cards you’ll use for purchases and then click “link offer” for each offer of interest. Once you’ve used an offer it’s often necessary to link the offer again (if still available) to earn rewards a second time. This is from the Ebates FAQ regarding store-linked offers: When I link an offer to my card, do I get In-Store Cash Back for all future purchases at the merchant?

No. For some offers, you may make additional qualifying purchases within a 24-hour window following your initial redemption, but, for others, the link is good only for a single redemption. Check “See Details” on the In-Store Cash Back site to determine the rules for a specific offer. After that time, you must re-link the offer to your card to earn Cash Back.

This is where things get really interesting. The Ebates Cash Back Visa, issued by Synchrony Bank, offers 3% cash back on qualified purchases made through the save electricity pictures Ebates portal and in-store offers, and 1% cash back everywhere else. When you earn rewards with this card, those rewards are added to your Ebates account and paid out along with your other Ebates rewards. Therefore, cash back earned with this card should turn into Membership Rewards points upon payout.

This card then, sort-of earns e electricity bill 3X for online purchases just like the old Citi ATT Access More card (no longer available to new applicants). The difference is that with the ATT card it was a mystery as to what online purchases would count for 3X. With this card it’s much more clear: if you can earn portal or in-store rewards, you can earn 3X with the Ebates card.

Why is this awesome? Some of us avoided the Ebates credit card in the past because we prefer earning airline miles or, better yet, transferable points v lab electricity like Membership Rewards. Now we can. I personally wouldn’t use this card anywhere except online when shopping through Ebates or in conjunction with an in-store offer. There, the card earns 3X rewards on top of whatever you earn from Ebates itself. For example, if you buy gift cards from GiftCardMall or GiftCards.com and earn 1% cash back from the portal, you’ll also earn 3% from the credit card for a total of 4%. With the Membership Rewards option, that’s 4X rewards when buying gift cards.

Additional Membership Rewards® points at Ebates available to U.S. American Express Card Members with a Card enrolled in the Membership Rewards® program gas yourself (“ Eligible Card Account”) only. Card Members must become a new Ebates member and link their Membership Rewards® program account at Ebates.com/american-express. Card Members must use an Eligible Card Account at checkout to earn Membership electricity jokes riddles Rewards points in their Ebates account. Corporate Cards or accounts are not eligible to participate.

Amex Membership Rewards points can be used towards greater than 1 cent per point value in several different ways. Those who fly often can get fantastic value by transferring points to any of a large number of airline transfer partners. That’s why our current Reasonable Redemption Value for Amex Membership Rewards points is pegged at 1.82 cents per point. Here are a few examples of transfer partners with which it’s possible to get outsized value: Rewards Program

Avianca LifeMiles can be great for Star Alliance awards. They offer reasonable award prices and no fuel surcharges on awards. They also offer shorthaul awards within the US (for flying United, for example) for as few as 7,500 miles one-way. Best of all, their mixed-cabin pricing can lead to fantastic first-class award prices. See gas station jokes this post for details.

Other options for getting more value out of Membership Rewards points include using points to purchase flights for up to 1.5 cents per point value, or converting points to investment cash at 1.25 cents per point value. Full details of these options and more can be found in our Complete Guide electricity jewels to Amex Membership Rewards. The challenge with existing accounts

I went with option 3. My son now has a nice new Membership Rewards earning Ebates account. The one tricky part was that his only Membership Rewards card is the Business Platinum card and you can’t setup your Ebates account with a business Amex card gas 4 less manhattan ks. So, when signing up for Ebates my son logged into my Amex account to link to my personal Membership Rewards cards. That worked. Hopefully this won’t cause an issue down the road! If not for needing to get setup for researching this post I may have had my son sign up for a consumer Membership Rewards card instead. The Amex Everyday card would have been a great choice for him since it has no annual fee (he’s a college student with limited income).

A tougher problem is for those who already have the Ebates Visa card. Is it even possible to change which gas smoker recipes Ebates account that card is linked to? I don’t know. One option, for those with understanding family members, is to have them open an Ebates Membership Rewards account and the Ebates Visa, and then use their account and card for Ebates purchases. Q A Q: Are the rewards rates different depending upon whether you sign up for Ebates with the cash back or Membership Rewards option?

A: The value The Ebates card offers depends on how much money you are likely to spend on purchases made through Ebates (or linked to Ebates with in-store offers). 3% is a strong return on online purchases. 3X Membership Rewards is great. Keep in mind that these are on top of the rewards that Ebates itself offers. Signing up for this card will count against your gas x coupon 2014 5/24 status though so keep that it mind if you are hoping to sign up for Chase credit cards. Q: Will you (Greg) sign up for the Ebates Visa?